Flowers make me happy!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that flowers make me happy. I love having a big bunch of fresh flowers in my home at all times, but lets face it, sometimes the supermarkets don’t come through with the goods and florist flowers are not always in the weekly budget.

I wanted to have a look at creating floral and botanical displays on a budget. Note : there may be some foraging involved!

If you are lucky enough to live close to an Aldi, their flowers are only $5 a bunch, any bunch, all the time. Otherwise you can pick up bunches fairly inexpensively at your local supermarket. These are just some of the great flowers I have bought from supermarkets recently.

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But if your flower budget is a little lower, say $0, you still have lots of options! Go and have a look at your own garden (or your neighbours), do you have any flowers? What about palm leaves? Frangipani? Any greenery brought inside can make a big impact.

Here’s a few pics from my house of things I ‘foraged’ from my garden. Palm leaves are so dramatic, they bring such a tropical summer vibe to your home, I’m surprised all our palm trees aren’t bald, I am constantly cutting leaves, but they do last for a few weeks.

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I took ‘foraging’ to a whole new level and pulled out one of my agave’s pups. They seem to throw so many of them! It has been alive and growing in a vase of water in my ensuite for over 6 months now!

I love frangipani’s, the flowers don’t last very long inside but when your tree has an abundance of them, and they are free, you can change them every couple of days.

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Here’s some great examples of ‘bringing the outside in’ I found on Pinterest, click on the image to go to my Pinterest page where you will find all these great ideas and more.

India Hicks gets it right every time with her impressive greenery displays, again all with plants that can be brought in from your own garden.

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Don’t these big glossy leaves look great! Banana leaves and monstera leaves are favourites among interior decorators and I often see them looking fabulous in vases. Note to self : plant these at my next house.

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You don’t have to have a lot of greenery to make an impact, here just a few leaves in different glass vessels look great! And if you are a really keen forager you might consider pulling a plant out by it’s roots, sometimes the roots can be a work of art on their own, it brings a whole different level of interest to this vase.

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Lastly, if you can’t find much greenery, branches can make quite a big statement. They add dramatic texture and interest to any display. I love this simple branch on top of all those white books, I think it brings this whole vignette to life and without it the space would have been quite sterile.

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What are you sitting there for? Grab some secateurs and get foraging. I’d love to see what you have in your yard, tag me on Instagram!

Hayley x



  1. Catherine Lynn says

    Sometimes you just need that bit of inspiration don’t you to bring the outside in and you have done it perfectly Hayley! if I wasn’t typing medical reports I would be out there with my pruning shears! Alas no one around me has palm trees let alone palm leaves for me to steal as I love them in vases, they make such an impact! I do like how you have your blue big jar with the palm leaves in on your round table! I have one similar by the front door and master 3 decides to drop his cars inside, a big cry from me as I thought he would break the jar being ceramic and all, so what a perfect solution to pick it up from the floor and use it as a statement vase! as always I pick up some very useful tips and suggestions from you Hayley. Gee I wish you were my neighbour! have a wonderful day, Cathyxx

    • says

      Thank for dropping by again, I truly appreciate that people are actually reading my little blog! Your big pot sounds lovely, try popping it up on a table and filling it with any greenery or branches you can find, I bet it will look amazing! Hx

      • Catherine Lynn says

        I love your blog Hayley, love following you and being inspired by all the pretty pictures! Hey found some palm trees at Kindy at drop off this morning so should I return with my pruning shears and ask for permission for two fronds to take home? Have a lovely day, Cathyx

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