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How Hayley Little’s @mumlittlelove’s DIY Brand Became an Insta Success

“The reason I share is to encourage other people to be brave. I don’t want people to think “I can’t do that.”
So I take them through the steps to show them they can.”

Here at Figs and Feta, beauty is life. But what is beauty without love, authenticity, and passion? What’s pleasing to the eye should also be uplifting to the heart. This is why we love Hayley Little – the woman behind the home-decorating breakthrough @mumlittlelove. Through her DIY page on Instagram, she gives us a glimpse into her beautiful life, heart, and hearth.

Mum Little Big Love

“I’ve always loved home décor. I obviously got this from my Mum. I would go to school, come home, and she would have completely changed my room.”

And she really puts the “mum” in @mumlittlelove! Hayley’s cozy, brilliant, dynamic style reveals the joy, warmth, and busyness of being a mum to three beautiful children. Beaming with texture, colour, and print (and the occasional appearance of Holly the poodle and Skipper the cat), Hayley’s colourful table-settings, lively living rooms, and creative holiday arrangements express her real life.

A home is meant to be lived in. And by inviting us into hers, and giving us the vision to create our own, she shows us that we can “do it all” not in spite of being a mum but BECAUSE of our superpowers as mums.

Hayley’s story

“I got Instagram to spy on my (then teenage) daughters. I was at home with my third baby at the time and didn’t get out much. I started sharing random pictures of the house and it grew quickly.”

And we can thank her superpower for getting @mumlittlelove to where she is! From a few nonchalant (yet stunning) posts to now 30,000+ followers, Hayley’s success seemed overnight.

So what’s her secret?

It’s a stroke of good luck combined with self-belief, hard work, and PASSION that create the recipe for success. For many years, she and her husband, a builder, flipped homes. So, although she “got it from her mama,” she also spent many years working hard to cultivate her skills.

No longer a home-flipper, now a DIY superstar, her current project is her own home. And it has us flipping out! It has her heart and she’s set on creating a home she loves, not what everyone else does.

Be You, Be True…

Do you also paint life with your own colours and pattern your own way in the world? If you’re reading this, take it as a sign to share your gifts!

Hayley’s vibrant designs, natural materials, and vivid patterns catch our eye. Her humility, grace, and fun attitude catch our hearts. She is totally herself every step of the way!

“I remember when I was doing my office cabinetry, I put a photo of myself up. My face was covered in sanding dust, I was disgusting! And everyone was like, I love that so much! Thank you for being real, that’s what I look like when I D.I.Y too!”

… And Share with Others What You Do

Hayley’s belief in herself and in supporting local businesses around her is just another reason why we simply love her.

At @mumlittlelove’s origin, she shared one small business every day for a year (yes, every day for a year!) to promote shopping small. And now in a beautiful “return” of fate, she is collaborating with many brands (go, Hayley!). When you follow your heart and share it with others, what goes around really does come around…