Early Settler BOFFICE styling

This was a fun styling job I did for Early Settler during Covid to help people create a beautiful office space in their bedroom while everyone is working from home.


An unexpected side-effect that arose from being in lockdown is that when office workers across the nation were forced to work from home, the nation realised it could be done. In the age of the high-speed internet, Google Docs, Zoom conference calls and the bedroom-office, Aussie office workers found their groove and started smashing out spreadsheets and quarterly reports unimpeded. Well, other than the toilet paper thing… but let’s not go there.

The good news? The work-from-home lifestyle is here to stay — hurray! — at least in a hybrid capacity. Many office employers have discovered that allowing their employees to work from home is resulting in fewer sick days, less burnout, increased productivity and greater work–life balance as the daily commute gets ditched for more time for family, friends, fur-babies and fun. Hear, hear.

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - bedroom


Back in March of 2020, you may not have given much thought to your corner of the dining table or bedroom bureau to set up your laptop and make do. But with the #WFH trend here to stay, the 2021 home workspace demands a more permanent spozzy. It’s the perfect excuse, really, to establish a luxe little ‘Zoom room’ for yourself, brimming with inspiration and potential tax deductions (better Slack your accountant to check).

Lucky are those who have a dedicated home office or backyard bungalow to set up their Surface Pro and swivel chair. But if you don’t have a separate room, cue: the ‘boffice’ — aka bedroom-office. Hayley Little of @mumlittleloves has some great tips for boffice styling success. Ugg boots optional.


Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - desk

“I like the idea of having a desk right next to the bed. It allows you to sit at the chair when you’re feeling professional or work directly from your bed on lazy days.”

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - lamp

“Adding a lamp is essential to illuminate your workspace adequately. It also doubles as a bedside lamp, which makes your desk do double duty as a nightstand. I love multifunctional furniture.”

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - plants

“Bring the outdoors inside with fresh greenery. It doesn’t have to be fancy — have a forage in your garden for some flowers or a small tree branch: olive or crabapple branches always look incredible.”

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - art

“Add a wall hanging or piece of art that inspires you or reminds you of places you want to travel to. Or put a family photo on display. Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes.”

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - catchall

“I always have a catchall dish on my desk to contain small items that often get lost. It’s the perfect spot to stashed USB sticks, earbuds, lip balm and other little items that can fall behind furniture.”

Bedroom Office Decorating Ideas - chair

“Your chair is a great opportunity to add some colour, pattern or texture into your bedroom. Choose an occasional chair with comfortable upholstery in colours to compliment the rest of your bedroom.”