Creating a beautiful Easter table.

I love to set a beautiful table for Easter!
Actually, the Easter table is my favourite table setting all year. It’s much more relaxed than Christmas, the weather is lovely and you get to eat chocolate for breakfast, what’s not to love?
We usually have a family breakfast followed by an Easter egg hunt with the kids and their cousins, which runs onto lunch, then afternoon nibbles and drinks with friends. It’s so nice to set a gorgeous table to take you through the day.

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for a festive dinner set and when I saw this one from Villeroy & Boch I knew I had to have it.
It is the Spring Awakening collection, I fell in love with the scalloped edges and pretty floral display, we all know how much I love flowers.
I really love that because it isn’t all bunny rabbits and easter eggs it can be used it for multiple occasions throughout the year, Mother’s Day morning tea is next on the agenda.
It is festive, but versatile, while still captivating the Easter spirit.

I did a little trial run and took some photos for y’all to see what my table will look like on Easter morning, it was also a good excuse to have an Easter egg binge a few weeks early.

 I started with a crisp white tablecloth and layered it with a square of green gingham. I chose the shade of green from the dinner set, which is the hero of the table, and bought a couple of metres from my local fabric supplier. Don’t underestimate the power of a great tablecloth to pull everything together!

Decorating my table and taking pride in all the elements is important to me. I always like to include fresh flowers and I usually buy whatever is in season. Today I used pale pink roses with lilac irises, they look amazing together and really bring out the colours of the dinner set.

I also like to add a couple of elements that indicate what we are celebrating, for this Easter table I chose these dainty little bunnies, they are seriously sweet!

I also included these custom made biscuits, they are such a treat and they look incredible sitting on this beautiful footed cake stand.

I wanted to create interest at eye level as well as on the table. I decided to hang a few ceramic eggs with pretty ribbon from my pendant light that hangs over the dining table. I love the way they gently sway in the breeze bringing movement and life to the table. I also hung my sweet little vase from the pendant. Who says it has to sit on the table? I filled it with a few pink roses and it looks gorgeous swaying with the ceramic eggs.

When I buy a dinner set I like to get all the pieces, even if you don’t think you’ll use them for the meal your planning, you never know what you’ll need in the future. The extra pieces look great stacked on the table or layered underneath other plates to create height and interest.

Don’t be scared to use your dinnerware for things it may not have been intended for, I used the adorable little egg cups for a few chocolate sweets rather than boiled eggs. Don’t they look cute with the little ‘flake’ birds nest and baby candy eggs.

Do you set your table for Easter?
I hope I’ve inspired you to this year!
I’d love to see it, send me an e-mail or tag me on social media.

Happy Easter!

Hayley x

Ingrid’s house …

It’s no secret that I love Instagram. I find so much inspiration, ideas and beautiful things there. Every so often I come across a home that makes my heart skip a beat. Not one of those mega budget, interior decorated, styled to perfection for a magazine shoot homes, just a gorgeous REAL home, with real people who actually live there.

I started following @ingridand3 a while ago, her taste is so similar to mine it is almost scary. I love her home and everything she does, and I knew y’all would too, so let’s all meet Ingrid together, and I’ll even give you a sneak peek of her gorgeous home …



Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Ingrid, I’m 29 and for the time being am a stay at home mum. Once upon a time I studied Interior Design at Uni, however once I graduated I never worked in the industry. I am still absolutely enamored with interior design/decoration and I can’t see that ever changing.

Who do you share your home with?

My husband Shannon (31) My 2 boys, Austen (3) and Crawford (1) and Twilly (dog)

What made you choose your home when you bought it?

One of the reasons we chose our home was the fact it needed renovating. I have particular taste and knew how I wanted my kitchen, bathrooms etc and as it was our first home I wanted everything to be how I had been imaging. We also loved the setting, the outlook is so green and leafy and it has a large deck off the living space which was a real draw card.

What an incredible view from the deck!
What an incredible view from the deck!

Have you renovated much? Tell us about it?

I grew up with my dad renovating every home we lived in, so it seemed only natural that I would follow his influence. This is our first home, so our first renovation and it definitely won’t be the last. We have put our mark on every square inch of this house. When we moved in it had orange timber floors, salmon carpet, apricot walls and ceilings, and 1970’s kitchen and bathrooms with lino floors…it was not at all pretty. But we saw through all of that and saw its potential and are pretty happy with the results. There were many compromises due to budget etc but with my dad’s help we managed to do a lot of what we had planned.

Thos floors look amazing now!
Those floors look amazing now!

Are you finished? Or what is next?

Unfortunately we are not finished, but we are very close though. All the big jobs have been done, there is just a lot of finishing touches and some painting to do. We added a bedroom downstairs many months ago and still it does not have cornice, skirting or a door frame. But we are looking to get it all done quickly as we are thinking about putting the house on the market in the near future.

Do you do much yourself, or employ the professionals?

We have done everything ourselves with my dads help. He lives in Canberra though so came down for several weeks at a time to get the kitchen and bathrooms done and removal and building of walls. My husband and I have both acquired many new skills through this experience which has been enjoyable and challenging in equal parts. Doing it ourselves definitely makes it feel like ‘our’ creation.

Beautiful kitchen!
Beautiful kitchen!

I adore your linen sofa with leather piping, did you have it custom made?

No we didnt, that was actually purchased on sale from Schots Home Emporium here in Melbourne (for $1500 can you believe). It was one of those pieces that we had to have as soon as we saw it.

Oh that leather piping!
Oh that leather piping!


What is your latest interior décor crush?

I am absolutely obsessed with Hmong batik and African mud cloth cushions at the moment. I spend pretty much all of my spare time looking at fabrics!! This new found obsession has also led me to a love for Modern Bohemian style which I am slowly and subtly looking to introduce into our home.

And she can sew! Ingrid made these gorgeous cushion herself!

What are your favourite shops?

Well I adore Pottery Barn, I find it hard to walk in there and not purchase something, even if its little. I also love Coastal Living Sorrento which is down on the Mornington Peninsula, I would love to be able to furnish my whole house with their furniture and accessories. And Schots Home Emporium, we have purchased many things for our home from there.


What’s on your Christmas wish list?

The real question is ‘whats not on my Christmas wish list’!! The problem with things like instagram is that you see so many beautiful photos each day from peoples homes and shops, so I feel like I’m constantly saying to myself ‘I’d love that’. But if I could have one thing it would probably be a new rug for our living room, our current one is looking a little sad thanks to the boys.

I adore Ingrids large print from Provincial Living, and that marble top table is beautiful.
I adore Ingrids large print from Provincial Home Living, and that marble top table is beautiful.

I know! Isn’t it gorgeous! I knew you would all love it! Now go and find Ingrid on Insta, follow her and say Hi!

Hayley x

*** All pictures taken by Ingrid, and used with permission ***

Christmas Shopping – Little Gals

Christmas is coming, and it’s coming fast!

I have found so many great gift ideas in this past year of shopping adventures and from my #mumlittleloves initiative on Instagram. I thought I’d share my favourites with you over the next 5 days.

I’m breaking it into 5 categories for y’all – Gals, Guys, Little Gals, Little Guys and Babies.

Next …


Flamingo terrarium | Happy Place Terrariums
Flamingo terrarium | Happy Place Terrariums

I like to pop a little bit of live greenery into my kids rooms. This terrarium is perfect, it is filled with air plants that barely require any care, and gorgeous little pink flamingos. It is adorable for any little girls bedroom.

Fairy Tales do come True | Toucan
Fairy Tales do come True | Toucan

It’s never too young to introduce your kids to art. I love filling my girls bedrooms with inspirational quotes and reminders. This one is perfect for any princess.

Pearls of Love double chain bracelet | Mad Alice Jewellery
Pearls of Love double chain bracelet | Mad Alice Jewellery

Mad Alice Jewellery have a gorgeous range of jewellery made especially for little girls, crafted with sterling silver and swarovski pearls, it is made to last. And what little girl doesn’t love a special piece of bling.

Sublime Stitching embroidery kits | One Sunday

These embroidery kits include everything you need to start stitching, perfect for a rainy day, and a lovely skill to learn. Not just for the little gals, I would love this one myself!

Love Shelf | House of Cherub
Love Shelf | House of Cherub

Every little girl has a collection of treasures and special things that they like to display in their bedrooms, what better way to show them off than on this beautifully handcrafted ‘Love’ shelf. Isn’t it adorable!

I hope you found something for the little girl in your life.

Happy Shopping (just click on the pics to be taken to the item for sale)!

Hayley x

5 Way to style your dining table.

Dining tables can be tough to style, I often get asked questions about what to put on your table when your not actually dining. I have to admit, I struggle with this sometimes too, your dining table display has to be practical. It needs to be able to be left in place while you dine, or easy enough to remove every time you do. Nobody wants to spend half an hour removing an elaborate table display before dinner! An easy way to make this as painless as possible is to put your decor onto a tray that can be lifted on and off as required.

Here’s a few trays to get you started.

Presidio tray from William Sonoma.
Presidio tray from William Sonoma.


Blue Canton Tray from Adore Home.
Blue Canton Tray from Adore Home.


Rattan tray, try Alfresco Emporium.
Rattan tray, try Alfresco Emporium.


1. Flowers, Plants or Greenery.

Of course, nothing brings more life to your dining table than a bunch of flowers, a plant or some foraged greenery. You can go for one big display, or try a few smaller vessels scattered down the centre of the table. Remember if you want to leave it there while you are eating they need to be high enough to still see your dining companions faces, or low enough to have a conversation over the top.

Helen Bayley from Lovestar gets it perfect with this huge orchid.
Helen Bayley from Lovestar gets it perfect with this huge orchid.


Simple flowers for a burst of colour, in my home.
Simple flowers for a burst of colour, in my home.


2. Fruit.

Fruit will bring a pop of colour and can be styled to fit any home. Choose a vessel to fit with your decor. Think tall glass cylinders with lemons, limes or apples for a modern decor. Or a timeless marble bowl / platter with pineapples for a tropical decor. If your a blue and white lover, use a beautiful blue and white bowl filled with apples.

These are from Williams Sonoma. You can find glass vases and jars in most home ware shops.
These are from Williams Sonoma. You can find glass vases and jars in most home ware shops.
This would be a perfect tropical centrepiece. Marble bowls available from Island Tarding co.
This would be a perfect tropical centrepiece. Marble bowls available from Island Trading co.


Image from Houzz. For similar bowls try Botticelli House or Alfresco Emporium.
This one is from Kathy Kuo home. For similar bowls available in Australia, try Botticelli House or Alfresco Emporium.


A bowl of fruit, on a tray, that often sits on my dining table.
A bowl of fruit and a tray, that often sits on my dining table.


3. Lanterns and Candles and Candlesticks.

If the though of replacing dying flowers and fruit all the times makes you anxious, try some lanterns and candles. There is so many fabulous types out there to choose from. Again, select something to fit in with your decor. If you have a rectangular table, 2 or 3 lanterns works well. If you have a round or square table, 1 large lantern, or an odd number of smaller ones be your best option.

Forever Cottage Blog. Two lanterns and note the tray for easy removal at dinner time.
Forever Cottage Blog. Two lanterns and note the tray for easy removal at dinner time.


4. A selection of beautiful plates and table ware.

Sometimes I like to have my beautiful table ware pieces on display, I hate the thought of them hiding in cupboards where nobody can see them. I was gifted a range of Spode for my birthday last year and it spent a couple of months as the centre piece on my table. You could try displaying a beautiful tea set on a tray, or a fabulous casserole dish. Pull out your favourite pieces and show them off.

My dining table, with spode and other pretty pieces, in a tray for easy removal.
My dining table, with spode and other pretty pieces, in a tray for easy removal.


5. Recipe Books piled high.

I have done this one accidentally, looking for dinner inspiration I have pulled out piles of books and sat at the dinner table looking for ideas. And surprise, they looked great. They added some height to other bits and pieces I had on the table.

A collection of recipe books on my dining table.
A collection of recipe books on my dining table. Jug from Nouvelle Vie.

There are so many fabulous things you could display on your table, maybe you have a large statement piece like a sculpture, or a collection of objects in different sizes and shapes. This is just a few ideas to get you started. Think of your dining table as another spot to show off your collected prized possession.

What have you got on your dining table? I’d love to see, Show me!

Hayley x