Weekend Facelift.

My hubby and I have another house that hasn’t been getting much attention lately. I have to admit, for someone who loves interior decorating, this house was/is quite embarrassing. It is stuck in the early 90’s somewhere with cream, apricot and terracotta everywhere you look. My gorgeous friend Michele (@michele_judd on IG) has nicknamed it ‘Apricot Central’, and is totally deserves it.

Hubby and I are finally giving it some much needed attention and being weekend warriors, like we don’t have enough going on with an impending house move in 4 weeks! Obviously we are all inspired after watching The Block and Reno Rumble, Thanks Scotty Cam!

Last week we started on the painting, when I say ‘we’, that would be – the painter started painting the interior. It has made such a difference, it always blows me away what a fresh coat of paint can do!

On the weekend we managed to get all the curtains back up that had to be taken down for the painter, remove the hideously ugly bronze terracotta backsplash in the kitchen and finish the master bedroom. We shopped our own house for furniture and moved it over there. The master bedroom is looking lovely and I’m quite pleased with our efforts.

The Real Estate pic from when we bought the house.
The Real Estate pic from when we bought the house.
After paint and furniture.
After paint and furniture.



And here’s the kitchen complete with that lovely splash back. I’m just painting, replacing the backsplash and adding some pedant lights in here. It’s not my style, but sometimes ‘money talks’ and we have to be smart where we put our dollars in this house, especially when we are working with a tiny budget.


And here’s a glimpse of what I’ve got to work with in the living spaces, Eeekkk! Obviously this is not my furniture and these are the old real estate pictures from when we bought the house.

24265278_10_x 24265278_08_x

24265278_07_x 24265278_06_x

24265278_12_x 24265278_11_x

We’re hoping to finish the kitchen and furnish the living areas this weekend.  I can’t wait to show you some more photos ……

Hayley x

*** All ‘before’ pics courtesy of the original home listing on www.realestate.com which has now been removed.


  1. Erin says

    Wow, what a huge place!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with it…it’s going to look amazing. Love those views too! xx

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by Erin! It’s really not that big, those real estate photographers are magicians. We have a teeny tiny budget to spend on this house, we’re saving our pennies for the new house, so we have to pick and choose where it goes, so frustrating! I hope it comes up OK. Hx

    • says

      Thanks Ashlea, unfortunately the majority of the budget has to go to replace part of the roof, such a boring place to spend money, but I’m hoping it will make a big impact. Can’t wait to share it with you all, we’re just having a slight hiccup trying to source the roof tiles. Hx

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