The ‘Want’ or ‘Need’ Dilemma …

In my house, I am the spender and my hubby is the saver. Trust me, if the budget was in my hands we would be living on the street, but I would have a trolley full of fabulous things!

My hubby has this whole ‘want’ and ‘need’ thing. When I find something gorgeous that I simply must have, my husband asks me – “Hayley, Do you want this, or do you need it”.

This is his idea of ‘want’ and ‘need’ –

Everybody needs to keep warm … right?

I want a HERMES Avalon cashmere blanket …

100186M55This is hubby’s idea of keeping warm … a Snuggie. Not in my house Mr!


And you need to be comfortable, right?

So, One should never knowingly under cushion! I want mountains of them, in pretty prints, crisp colours and fine fabrics, all with feather filling of course. Guaranteed to make any lounge suite comfortable!


And this is hubby’s thoughts on a comfortable couch, yes, I’m serious, he would totally put a few of these in a room and think it was awesome!


I want my walls full of art, mirrors and fun pieces.


This is hubby’s idea of decorating the walls …


It’s a constant dilemma, as sometimes I really ‘need’ a certain item for things he just doesn’t understand.

Like for instance, We all know you need to change your bed linen with each season, and yes, we can use it again, but we must add a new cushion or throw to keep it fresh … Right?

Or if one of your favourite artist, crafter or creator releases a new and limited candle scent or art print or ceramic piece or {insert your weakness}, and you have serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) then you simply must have it!

Or when you are just browsing, honestly, just ‘browsing’ a beautiful shop and a big blue and white ginger jar calls your name, and it’s ON SALE, then everybody knows that you simply must take it home!

Or when you are styling Instagram photos, you really need a stash of pretty props and on trend trinkets … Am I right?

Do you have the want and need dilemma? What’s on your want list? I’d love to know!

Hayley x

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