Rainy Day Activities.

Since a huge part of our county is currently wet I thought I would find some ideas to keep you all busy while your trapped indoors.

If you have garage, get that spray paint out and paint anything that’s not moving! Look at these easy peasy idea’s I found on Pinterest. Add some bright glossy paint to any old lampbase for an instant update. Or steal some of your kids toys, glue them to old jar lids and give it a spray, don’t they look fabulous!

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If hand painting is more your speed, how about this gorgeous desk update with a simple ribbon border. Or these monogrammed drawers, so simple, yet so effective. I love these drawers, I want to try this one myself.

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Now you have a smashing new lamp base, lets renovate the shade as well. It’s quite easy to re-cover an old lamp shade, I have done many over the years. If your a beginner a drum shade is the easiest to work with. You can recover your shade in fabric, wallpaper, old maps, there are lots of tutorials on Pinterest, I have a couple pinned in my ‘Crafty Ideas’ board.

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If that just sounds like to much work, you can always simply add a ribbon or trim. Again, I have done this many times. I don’t think there is a lampshade left untouched in my house. I like to attach ribbon with 2-sided tape, it adheres well and is easily removed when I change my mind and want to change colours. You could use ribbon, upholstery trims, leather, tassels or anything that takes your fancy. Here is a couple of examples in my home.

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If your handy with a sewing machine, how about adding some trim to your curtains or blinds. A greek key pattern looks expensive, and while it can be a little fiddly it just takes a little patience. This can also be accomplished without sewing anything, there are a few tutorials on Pinterest where you use ribbon and no-sew iron-on tape. This method also works well on cushions, as in the picture below. Click on the cushion picture to go to the step-by-step instruction at Sarah M Dorsey Designs. She has all kind of fabulous DIY’s on there! If you’r feeling extra handy, try the Nailhead Metallic Linen Headboard, WOW, it is really sensational!

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Well, that should keep you busy! I’d love to see your crafty activities, please tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

Hayley x



  1. Catherine Lynn says

    Hello Hayley, well our rainy day activities lend themselves to entertaining a cooped up 3 year old so I am playing trains with our Thomas train set, colouring in with a Planes colouring in book, we cooked some sweet potato chips for snacking, the list goes on. My goodness he gets bored quickly! I would love to lock myself in my garage and spray paint my bedside lamp bases I got from Early Settler a few months ago, the finish is not that great, 2 for the price of 1 so I got sucked in. I have those drum shades too in a linen colour so am itching to recover or trim them. Great ideas for DIY and I love being crafty. You get a lovely sense of accomplishment don’t you! Looking at my back deck on this old cottage, I would love to shutter the whole lot in to make it more useful in this wet weather as we could play there instead of in his bedroom! Another project for next year! My teenage boy is at school today in this rain and work and school continue up in Brisbane. I hope you weather the continuous rain okay and that the water levels don’t rise too much. Take care, Cathyxx

    • says

      Hi Catherine, Thanks for dropping by! I have a 3 year old at home today too, luckily he loves hanging out with my 2 older daughters and he is happy to annoy them all day, lol! Yum, sweet potato chips are the best, especially with lashings of garlic aioli! I’d love to see your lamps if you find the time to do them. Yes, I do love making something and standing back proudly and smiling at what i did 🙂 We were lucky with the rain, lots of it, but no flooding here. How did you go? Hayley x

      • Catherine Lynn says

        Have just braved Bunnings in this very wet weather. For once Bunnings was very quiet for a Saturday! Got myself some spray paint to paint my table lamp bases in our bedroom white so will do that later today in the garage. Not too much water lying around thank goodness at present. u wanted to start painting the living room in my Antique White USA but my hubby wants a quiet day doing nothing so will wait until tomorrow. Where would I source lovely material in blue of course for my bedside table lamp shades. sort of going for the duck egg blue and white for the bedroom, a bit softer than navy blue or the likes for the living room. I also have some I suppose bell shaped lamp shades that need covering or replacing but I think with those ones they are tricky. I have glass lamp bases in the living room so have to be careful what I choose for the lamp shades. Any suggestions? This rain is boring. I have to get some new foundation too as I am sick of that Nude by Nature stuff. Any recommendations? Cathyxx

        • says

          Hi Catherine! Gosh, braving Bunnungs in any weather is a mission! I can’t wait to see you lamps when they are finished, I am so excited your inspired to have a go. So many great places to source fabric, locally, you could try ‘I just love that fabric‘ in Burleigh, or ‘Fabric Traders‘ online, they have a fabulous range! A glass lamp base will pretty much go with anything you choose, I find the drum shades are easiest to work with if you want to customise it. As for make-up, I use Laura Mercier mineral pressed powder and i’m happy with that, I do find that it goes on nicer if you keep your brushes clean though. Lovely hearing from you! Hayley x

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