I’m planning a major kitchen renovation in my Very Vanilla house.

The kitchen at our new house is not completely horrible, but it is outdated and not exactly my dream kitchen. Although the kitchen is one of the last things that will be renovated as we are working from the roof down, It’s never to early for a girl to start planning … am I right?

Here is the current kitchen.



To the left side of the kitchen is a poky little nook, and a ‘wine cupboard’ which is pretty much a fancy name for a cupboard under the stairs. I am hoping to utilise all of this space and open the kitchen up into this entire area.

Note: All pictures from realestate.com (not my furniture)

Here’s the floor plan so you can see what I am talking about. Ignore my highlighting, We will actually need to push the kitchen out slightly past the highlighted area.


I am hoping to squeeze a butlers pantry along that back wall where the existing oven/stove/microwave is now. It’ll be tight, but I don’t want too much in there, hopefully a sink and dishwasher, but mainly just shelving like a glorified pantry.

Then I’ll bring the kitchen forward to an L shape with an island and a fridge and display wall on the other side. See below for for my dodgy drawing.

Now, I’m no expert in this department, and I’m sure I’ve overlooked something, but I’m hoping it’ll work something like this.


Of course, all this depends on whether we can successfully remove some of those walls, my hubby is a builder and I pretty much expect him to perform miracles, and he usually comes through for me, so I’m quietly confident.

We will be seeing the architect when he returns from his European vacation (I know right, so inconsiderate, lol) and then we can stat making some more solid plans. We are hoping to start on the big changes early next year, which sounds like ages away, but in all reality it is only 4 months, in which time we have to do plans, engineering, council approvals, etc ….. all while running our own building business.

In the mean time we have a few projects that will keep me busy and we will get them done before Christmas, this includes changing out the pool fencing for frameless glass, re-vamping the dining room, creating a media room and some cosmetic things like paint and wallpaper.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

Hayley x


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