Is there anybody out there?

Hi There? Welcome to Mum Little Loves! I’m tickled pink you stopped by!

I confess, I know absolutely nothing about blogging, so I did what any tech savvy girl does and googled – ‘my first blog post’. Apparently, I’m meant to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself. Here goes – I’m Hayley, a 30+ (ok, pushing 40) mum of three kids – 2 tween girls and a toddler boy. I love renovating houses, which is lucky because I’m married to a builder. I am passionate about interior decorating, bargain hunting, photo taking, baking (not to be confused with cooking), cocktail sipping, travelling and supporting small businesses.

But you really want to know what I’ll be sharing here, am I right? I’ll share my life, my home, my style, my shopping finds and anything else you think I need to know about. My pictures will frequently contain blue and white, pops of pink, fresh flowers, and absolutely fabulous things. Here’s a few pics of my home to give you a taste.

IMG_8584   IMG_7909  IMG_8760IMG_8484












So, Why am I blogging? I have been sharing gorgeous things I’ve discovered from little and local businesses on Instagram under the hashtag #mumlittleloves and I have had such a fabulous response. I am constantly getting asked for more pictures and more details. Rather than jam up everyones Instagram feed, here I am! I’ll be showing you some fabulous products in the near future, so keep a look out!

Hayley x




  1. Kimberly A. says

    Haley, I absolutely love your style and you! I look forward to seeing more and reading about what life puts in front of you to share with all of us! Wishing you the best with your blog!

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