Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Well, that’s it, Summer is over for another year and I’m reminiscing about …

Long days outdoors with frangipani’s, hibiscus and palm trees,

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Sandals, straw hats and sunglasses while sipping on Pimms,

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Boating, and finishing the day with a stunning sunset.

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Here’s what I won’t miss about summer – Feeling sticky, sweaty, frizzy and frazzled. Smelling like a mixture of Aerogard and Coconut Oil. Getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Never ending rain and even a cyclone! And washing 78 beach towels per day, yes 78, I’m totally not exaggerating!

Hello Autumn, I look forward to beautiful days without the humidity, smelling like Chanel, fallen leaves in beautiful warm hues, eating outdoors with out the mosquitos and cutting back the washing to a manageable 46 beach towels per day (totally no exaggeration).

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What do you miss about Summer? Are you looking forward to something in particular in Autumn? Tell me!

Hayley x


  1. Catherine Lynn says

    Hello Hayley, yes I totally agree with your sentiment re the end of summer! As an Anglo-Saxon girl with fair skin and I mean fair, the high temps we have in the 30s I could cry some days as I stay indoors, it is the best thing. So summer for me is not the best. Trying to keep cool, air con on all the time, the mozzies love me too which is terrible, as like you say, we smell of mozzie spray which drowns out the nice perfume one puts on! And the frizzy hair in the humidity. Hello Autumn, I miss you but it seems according to the weather prediction autumn will miss us again as we are in for another heat wave, yes Hayley don’t cry, but another two weeks of unbearable hot weather, so don’t pack away those thongs and beach towels just yet! I really am sick of my summer clothes now and wish to wear something else, something nice and warm, so hurry up weather and be true to the seasons. Retiring to Tassie is in our plans. Cathyxx

    • says

      Hi Catherine! Really, 2 more weeks of sticky, sweaty, frizzy and frazzled, yep, I’ll be staying inside too. Autumn and Spring are beautiful here in QLD, I look forward to them arriving. Hx

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