Carla Dinnage Ceramics.


When one of Carla’s handmade ceramic crosses popped up on my Instagram feed,  it was love at first sight. I mean, have you seen them? They are absolutely beautiful! Blue and white prints, adorned with shells, bright glossy tassels and gold lustre, what more could you want! Just in case you haven’t seen Carla’s stunning ceramics, I thought I would introduce you.

Meet Carla, a Mum of 4 small children, working from her home studio in Melbourne and producing some seriously amazing pieces of art. Apart from the crosses, she also has some very cool fish and cow skulls, and plans to expand her range in the near future.

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Carla studied 3 years of Fine Art at R.M.I.T. She says, “At school it was always my favourite subject so it was a natural progression to study it after school”.

Carla Dinnage Ceramics was born in 2014 after her second child went to school and she found more time to be creative. Carla made a few pieces at home, and quickly friends and family started enquiring about purchasing her pieces. With a boost in confidence she posted a few pictures on Instagram and received a fabulous reaction from both individuals and businesses. Carla now stocks 15 retailers.

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Carla says she finds her inspiration from her years travelling. She says, “I loved Mexico and New Mexico and loved the markets with all of the colours and unique gifts”.

She also appreciates other artist work, including Stephen Benwells ceramics, she particularly loves his large ceramic vases.

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Carla’s future is looking bright with plans to create some slip casted bowls and a range of printed, hanging tiles. She also has a passion for hand building and would like to get back into hand coiling some large pots and vases. An exhibition might be on the cards in the future too!

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You can see some of Carla’s pieces here. Or follow her on Instagram here. Carla also has a special offer of free shipping for a limited time, so be quick!

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next Carla!

Hayley x




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