Bones, Shells, Teeth and Antlers

I have a few items in my home that makes one of my friends a little squeamish.

She believes that the souls of the passed animals haunt the places where their remains are. In that case, I am living with a shark, a turtle and lot’s of sea creatures who once lived in my extensive shell collection. They don’t seem to mind living at my house, they seem pretty friendly, we haven’t heard any animal cries in the night.

I have a huge shark jaw that my husband brought home from the rubbish tip. Yep, the dump! A local fisherman was dumping it and hubby asked if he could take it. It was still a little yucky, and I soaked it in bleach and then left it in the sun for a few weeks to completely dry out. I absolutely love it, sharks fascinate me and scare the living daylights out of me at the same time. I have great respect for them, and am honoured to have it in my home.

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I recently received a pair of custom painted antlers from Pink Deer. The antlers are naturally shed. Antlers are extensions of the skull bone grown in deer. They are true bone structures that usually grow in symmetrical pairs. In many species, antlers are shed and regrown each year. No deer were harmed decorating my home!

I adore my antlers, they are textural and sculptural, they bring a touch of nature into my home and I think they are perfect for winter decorating. You can purchase your own custom painted antlers at Pink Deer here.

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I also have a vintage turtle shell which I adore. It was given to me by an elderly lady who was moving. She had been given it by the Fijian people as a wedding gift on her honeymoon over 50 years ago.

Turtles are beautiful creatures, and I was very unsure about whether to accept this turtle shell into my home. I most definitely don’t approve of killing turtles for their shells, and I do understand that by displaying them, they can become a coveted item which in turn can lead to people killing them for profit. But I also felt that this beautiful vintage shell should be lovingly displayed and appreciated for it’s beauty, instead of being stuck away in a cupboard and forgotten about.

So I hang it in my home and appreciate it’s beauty everyday.

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How do you feel about having these items in your home?

What about shells? I know many of my readers have shell collections just as I do, those shells once had little creatures living in them. What about dried starfish and seahorses?

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What do y’all think? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Hayley x

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