Strawberry and Avacado Bruschetta

Recently, Coles Supermarkets contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting involved in their Food Festival to celebrate the opening of two new stores on the Gold Coast. My initial thought was – ‘Are you kidding me, I can’t cook’, but then I thought about it. I know many of you are just like me, with a family who insists on eating every day, and looking for ideas for easy snacks and dinners that don’t take hours or require dozens of fancy ingredients.


Coles gave me a list of the current seasonal produce and let me create my own recipe. One of our favourite snacks in summer is watermelon salsa with corn chips, it’s delicious. So, working from that idea, I thought strawberry bruschetta could be just as good. They are unexpected ingredients, but once I made it and we all tried it, we decided this was our recipe that we wanted to share with you all.

So here it is …


I promise you it’s scrumptious. We served literally hundreds of lovely Coles customers on the Southport Park opening day and everyone loved it!

It warmed my heart when I offered people the recipe card and they didn’t take one, then they tried the food and came back to grab a recipe card and tell me they were so surprised at how yummy it was!

We’ll be at the Coomera store later this month, keep an eye on my Instagram / Facebook for details.


Hayley x