Entry makeover – part one

I’m sure indoor gardens with black rocks, black elephant statues, grass tree plants and green lighting were very fashionable once upon a time … maybe some people still like it, each to their own, it’s just not for me.


It’s the first thing you used to see when you walk through the front doors.
Our front doors are truly beautiful and one of my favourite things about this house, the black rock garden was detracting from the gorgeous french doors and giving the wrong first impression for our home.


The entry is quite a large space, it’s open with high ceilings and beautifully bright natural light, but it is also an awkward space and has doors everywhere. I love entries and foyers with seating, somewhere to put on your shoes or sit and wait for the postman with your online shopping. The ‘black rock garden’ was the perfect spot to create a huge day bed and it was easier than you think.

Structurally I didn’t need to make any changes, most of the updates to this space have been aesthetic changes with lighting, fabric, paint and decor.

The frame work was already in place, it just needed some updating. I applied the same process that I did to the bench seats in the living and dining room here.
Removing the high gloss 2 pac paint finish and adding the moulding updates it to a more classic style that fits with the look I’m trying to achieve as we renovate our home.

The day bed seat and cushions were one of the most important choices I made in this space. Although I contemplated different colours, I decided to keep this area predominantly blue and white, it always look fresh, calm & inviting and I wanted to include lots of glossy green plants in blue and white pots.
I played with a few different fabric ideas for the seat cushion, I really wanted to use a fabulous blue and white pattern but I was mindful of the angular shape of the cushion and all the mirrors in this space, I decided it was going to look too busy and ended up choosing a plain fabric for the seat.
It’s a beautiful fabric crafted by a traditional silk mill, it has a delicious nubby texture like a natural fibre, but it is actually a high performance polyester that will withstand my kids and pets.

Handcraft Moonstone from Materialised

Since I chose a plain fabric for the seat, I went to town with the throw cushions and selected a stunning collection of blue and white cushions from Florence Broadhurst Fabric.

Florence Broadhurst is an Australian icon in wallpaper and fabric design. Her library consists of around 500 designs and lucky for us, Florence Broadhurst Fabrics are making a handful of them available to purchase, including some of her most well know classics. The designer fabrics are available by the metre in three different base fabrics with a cotton, velvet or brushed cotton feel.

I love the way the mix of textures, patterns and shades of blue all work together harmoniously.

Cushions by Florence Broadhurst Fabrics

I also changed the downlights to something a little more interesting. Finding a stylish light that works on the curved underside of the staircase was quite a mission, but I think the brass spotlight adds some warmth and a hint of vintage charm.

Seattle Wall light by Emac & Lawton

We will replace the floors eventually, that’s stage two of the entry makeover which will also include the staircase treads, I can’t wait for that! For now, I’ve added a natural jute rug to add some interest to the floors and break up the large expanse of empty space. It was really affordable and looks great.

The only other change we made in this area was to add sheer curtains on the huge glass sliding doors. The white sheer fabric gives the entire area a dreamy white glow that I just adore.

Tahiti Snow Sheers from Blinds Online

I am thrilled with this little makeover, it has made such a huge difference to this space and I love welcoming guests to our home now without having to explain ‘what on earth‘ the mess under the stairs was.

It’s also a favourite spot for our fur babies to sit and watch the world go by, or wait for us to get home. I’m pretty sure they think it was just put there for them.

Stay tuned for my office makeover next, followed by my master bedroom before Christmas.

Happy Styling!

Hayley x


Seat cushion fabric – Handcraft Moonstone from Materialised.
Blue and White cushions – all Florence Broadhurst Fabric.
Floor rug – Tessellated Star rug, sold out, this one is similar at Catch.com.au.
Sheer curtains – Tahiti Snow from Blinds Online.
Lighting – Seattle Wall Light in Brass from Emac & Lawton.
Tray – Heathcote Parquetry Tray from Madras Link.
Flowers and Vase – Silk Flora.
Throw – Linen House Australia, discontinued, similar from here.

A welcoming home

Your front door is the first thing a visitor or guest will see when they come to your home. Even though we tell our kids not to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’, we still do it. Your front door is your ‘cover’ and I think it’s important to make your family, friends or guests feel welcome and comfortable.
Let’s have a look at how to make it as inviting as possible.

Clean and Tidy.
Make sure your door and porch are clean and tidy. Sweep out the leaves, hose down the walls, wipe down the front door, and definitely make sure there are no nasty spider webs hanging around, eek!


Choose a Colour.
If your front door could do with a facelift, nothing packs a punch more than a fresh paint job. Choose a fun colour if your brave, it always makes a statement.


Add some Greenery.
A beautiful potted plant by the front door brings life and movement to an otherwise bare space. I love the door below with the colourful fruit trees and flowers!


Illuminate it.
The front entry is the perfect space for a fabulous pendant light or pair of wall sconces. If you can’t have any beautiful electrical lighting, use candle light. A collection of lanterns looks lovely sitting by the front door when guest arrive at night.


Number or Name it.
A fun name or decorative number for your house is a great way to add some character.



Make sure your doormat is clean and free from mud, dirt or grass that can be dragged through your house. Give it a good shake or hose off, if it still looks tatty, invest in a new one, they aren’t expensive and make a big first impression.
Here’s a couple I like …

Mandala door mat | Freedom
Mandala door mat | Freedom
Whale long doormat | FrenchKnot Designs
Whale long doormat | FrenchKnot Designs

Add a touch of whimsy!

I like to add a little personality to my door with a beautiful wreath, decorative door stop or other fun object.
Here’s some options that you might like to try at home …

Magnolia Wreath | The Doors Of Berry
Magnolia Wreath | The Doors Of Berry
Jessica Rabbit | Freedom
Jessica Rabbit | Freedom

What does your front door say about you?

Go on then – Go and make it gorgeous!

Hayley x