Easter, but not really …

When Kim from Figs & Feta magazine contacted me recently about doing an article about ME I was gobsmacked. Our homes have been in a few magazines before, but those features focus on our home and style, not me!

I asked Kim why she wanted little old me in her beautiful magazine. She said she admires the way I have built a community of beautiful friends through IG, she likes how I share my DIY’s and encourage everyone to give it a go and she appreciates the fact I keep it real.

I had a little think about it and I realised I DO have an amazing Insta tribe of gorgeous, supportive and caring friends (so grateful), the only reason I share my DIY’s, shopping finds and styling ideas is to show you that you CAN do it and yes, I do like to share my giant piles of washing, my dirty floors and my epic fails just to ‘keep it real’.

So, the article was born, you can find it here.

Kim asked me to take a few photos of my house decorated for Easter for the article. I photographed the images in January and I wasn’t quite ready for 100’s of bunnies to invade my home so soon after Christmas, so I went with more of a Spring vibe with a hint of Easter. I chose a different colour palette than I usually do and I really love the way the photos came out. I wanted to share some of the ones that didn’t make it to the magazine here with you. I hope you like them too.

What kind of photoshoot would it be at my house if one of the animals didn’t make an appearance?

And of course the original photobomber – Orly!

I hope you liked my pics as much as I loved taking them. The best part about a home photoshoot is getting to eat and enjoy the props afterwards. Those mangoes and macarons were delicious, and the flowers brought a smile to my face everyday for well over a week!


White Dinner set – Shop here
Yellow gingham tablecloth and floral napkins – homemade by me!
Cutlery – Shop here
Black bunnies – Shop here
Hop Hop Hop bunting – Sold Out, from Pottery Barn Kids.
Flowers – Always from my favourite florist – That Pretty Market
Frog – Shop here
Rattan Jugs – Sold out – Similar here
Boxwood Topiaries – Shop here

If I’ve missed anything, you can usually find me on IG here.

Creating a beautiful Easter table.

I love to set a beautiful table for Easter!
Actually, the Easter table is my favourite table setting all year. It’s much more relaxed than Christmas, the weather is lovely and you get to eat chocolate for breakfast, what’s not to love?
We usually have a family breakfast followed by an Easter egg hunt with the kids and their cousins, which runs onto lunch, then afternoon nibbles and drinks with friends. It’s so nice to set a gorgeous table to take you through the day.

I have to admit I am a bit of a sucker for a festive dinner set and when I saw this one from Villeroy & Boch I knew I had to have it.
It is the Spring Awakening collection, I fell in love with the scalloped edges and pretty floral display, we all know how much I love flowers.
I really love that because it isn’t all bunny rabbits and easter eggs it can be used it for multiple occasions throughout the year, Mother’s Day morning tea is next on the agenda.
It is festive, but versatile, while still captivating the Easter spirit.

I did a little trial run and took some photos for y’all to see what my table will look like on Easter morning, it was also a good excuse to have an Easter egg binge a few weeks early.

 I started with a crisp white tablecloth and layered it with a square of green gingham. I chose the shade of green from the dinner set, which is the hero of the table, and bought a couple of metres from my local fabric supplier. Don’t underestimate the power of a great tablecloth to pull everything together!

Decorating my table and taking pride in all the elements is important to me. I always like to include fresh flowers and I usually buy whatever is in season. Today I used pale pink roses with lilac irises, they look amazing together and really bring out the colours of the dinner set.

I also like to add a couple of elements that indicate what we are celebrating, for this Easter table I chose these dainty little bunnies, they are seriously sweet!

I also included these custom made biscuits, they are such a treat and they look incredible sitting on this beautiful footed cake stand.

I wanted to create interest at eye level as well as on the table. I decided to hang a few ceramic eggs with pretty ribbon from my pendant light that hangs over the dining table. I love the way they gently sway in the breeze bringing movement and life to the table. I also hung my sweet little vase from the pendant. Who says it has to sit on the table? I filled it with a few pink roses and it looks gorgeous swaying with the ceramic eggs.

When I buy a dinner set I like to get all the pieces, even if you don’t think you’ll use them for the meal your planning, you never know what you’ll need in the future. The extra pieces look great stacked on the table or layered underneath other plates to create height and interest.

Don’t be scared to use your dinnerware for things it may not have been intended for, I used the adorable little egg cups for a few chocolate sweets rather than boiled eggs. Don’t they look cute with the little ‘flake’ birds nest and baby candy eggs.

Do you set your table for Easter?
I hope I’ve inspired you to this year!
I’d love to see it, send me an e-mail or tag me on social media.

Happy Easter!

Hayley x

Easter : dine, decorate and delight!

Decorating for Easter is totally a thing these days. I don’t remember my Mum, or any of her Home Beautiful magazines having Easter decorations back in the eighties and nineties, but now it’s 2016 and we decorate for Easter.
I hope your all on board with this, because there is so many gorgeous things available for Easter these days! I’ve rounded up some delightful Easter goodies for you to decorate your table and your home. I’ve also found some perfect presents for everyone on your gift list.

Let’s start with decorating around your home.

White Sisal Bunny | Pottery Barn Kids
White Sisal Bunny | Pottery Barn Kids
Bunny Planter | Lark Store
Bunny Planter | Lark Store
Easter Moss Rabbits | Bed Bath N' Table
Easter Moss Rabbits | Bed Bath N’ Table
Hop Hop Hop garland | Pottery Barn Kids
Hop Hop Hop garland | Pottery Barn Kids
Wooden Bunny with Dip Colour
Wooden Bunny with Dip Colour | Bed Bath N’ Table

The Easter table – Do you have a special meal with your loved ones to celebrate? It’s lovely to make an effort when setting the table, it elevates your meal to a special experience for everyone.

This gorgeous bowl looks delightful filled with Easter Eggs or flowers for a cute centrepiece.

Easter Rabbit Bowl | Bed Bath and Table
Easter Rabbit Bowl | Bed Bath N’ Table

The Spring Garden plates from Williams-Sonoma are divine, I like that they don’t scream Easter, and I think they would also be perfect for a tea party or spring soiree.

Garden Party Linens and Spring Garden plates/bowl | Williams-Sonoma
Garden Party Linens and Spring Garden plates/bowl | Williams-Sonoma

Eggs are pretty much mandatory for Easter breakfast, these egg cups are super sweet.

Easter Bunny Egg Cup | Bed Bath N'Table
Easter Bunny Egg Cup | Bed Bath N’ Table

I adore the Damask Easter Bunny range from Williams Sonoma, with soft blues and the sweetest little bunnies, I know it will be a hit with both the adults and the children.

Damask Easter Bunny Range | Williams-Sonoma
Damask Easter Bunny Range | Williams-Sonoma

Speaking of children, do you set a separate table for the kids? The Peter Rabbit range from pottery Barn Kids is absolutely adorable, the selection is available in ceramic or melamine which is perfect for the little ones.

Peter Rabbit range | Pottery Barn Kids.
Peter Rabbit range | Pottery Barn Kids.

Easter pressies for kids are so much fun. Here’s a few that I think are perfect.

Starting with a basket for the Easter Egg hunt, Pottery Barn Kids have the best range I’ve found, and I love that you can have them monogrammed with your kiddies names.

Easter baskets | Pottery Barn Kids
Boys Easter baskets | Pottery Barn Kids
Girls Easter baskets | Pottery Barn Kids
Girls Easter baskets | Pottery Barn Kids

I don’t know what your present buying policy is for Easter. We don’t buy piles of toys or gifts, but I do like to include a little Easter related present. I found so many gorgeous things at Seed this year, here’s a few I love …

A cuddly bunny, perfect for babies first Easter!

Jellycat Bashful Bunnies | Seed
Jellycat Bashful Bunnies | Seed

This soft bunny purse is seriously adorable, I wonder if I could wear this …

Hopping Bunny purse | Seed
Hopping Bunny purse | Seed

Cheap and Cheerful, these brightly coloured pull back bunnies are a sweet gift for any toddlers.

Pull Back Bunny | Seed
Pull Back Bunny | Seed

For your little fashionista! I love this cape, and its great timing since we are heading into winter here in Australia.

Plush Bunny cape | Seed
Plush Bunny cape | Seed

These are my favs and I’m hoping to nab a pair for my little man, just so cute!

Bunny Gloves | Seed
Bunny Gloves | Seed

Did you find something? Are you inspired to decorate? I’d love to see, show me all your Easter goodies!

Happy Shopping!

Hayley x