Ready in 45 secs with Tefal

I’m ‘all in’ for anything that makes my life easier or more productive. I know many of you feel the same so I thought it was my responsibility to share this with you.

I recently got my hands on the Tefal IXEO All-in-One iron and steamer, thanks Tefal! It’s one of those things that you don’t know you need until you get it. I wasn’t sure if I would use it for much more than ironing clothes, but I actually reach for it a few times a week, it heats up in just 45 seconds so it’s great for a quick touch up.

Let’s start with ironing clothes, this is not like any regular iron. Firstly, there are no settings, it uses intuitive technology to adapt to the the correct temperature to care for your garments. The iron head is super light, about half the weight of a regular iron and it glides over your clothes effortlessly.

You don’t need a traditional ironing board anymore, which is such a great space saver. You can still choose to iron the traditional way with your Smart board set horizontally, or you can do it at an ergonomic angle or vertically, which is great for steaming, oh and it’s also height adjustable. I’ve found the easiest way to iron business shirts is by putting them on a coat hanger and hanging it from the top of the board vertically. The iron just glides over the fabric and releases all the creases instantly.

Here’s a few things other things I’ve used my Tefal IXEO for in just the last couple of weeks.

Curtains! Anyone who has struggled with the masses of fabric in curtains on an ironing board will understand how fabulous this is. We steamed them while they were hanging, it was so much easier and the bonus of doing it with steam is that you are also giving your curtains a quick refresh, eliminating any odours and killing germs and allergens.

Next, this awesome idea was from one of my lovely IG followers. I removed those annoying old furniture marks in the carpet with steam! As most of you know, we moved into a new house recently, the carpet has lots of pressure marks left from the last owners furniture. It’s where the carpet has flattened down in one spot and no amount of vacuuming will bring it back.
I clipped the fibre brush onto the iron head and brushed the carpet fibres up as I steamed. So easy, it took a minute or two and you can’t even tell where it was.

 Lastly, and probably one of my favourite things about the Tefal IXEO is ironing or steaming textiles directly on the furniture, things like fabric sofas, dining chair seats, upholstered bedhead and bed linen while it’s on the bed. This is a stylist dream!
I removed the wrinkles from my armchairs loose cover and it looks amazing.

Next on my list is to iron my sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers while they are on the bed.
Oh, and just so it’s extra easy, you can also detach the main unit and steam head from the stand and move it around as a portable unit!

You can find yours here.

Happy steaming!

Hayley x

Meet Troy …

I have a new boyfriend!
Yes, I am married but my husband approves of Troy, actually my husband loves Troy too.
Troy is tough and strong, dependable and reliable and exceptionally good looking.
Troy is our new washing machine, the Electrolux UltimateCare 800 series from Betta Home Living.


I wanted to share him with you because I understand buying a washing machine is a big investment and sometimes all those specifications and functions can be confusing. Do I need SensorWash technology? What is an UltraMix system? What is the Vapour feature? And why do I need a powerful spin speed?
I’m going to tell you what is important to me in a washing machine and why I chose Troy.


We are a family of five, between work clothes, school uniforms, sports gear, 4 beds and the 758 towels my kids use every week, I do at least a dozen loads of washing per week. A large drum size is important, I’d rather do one big load that 2 small loads. Troy has a 9kg stainless steel drum with an extra large door opening, making loading and unloading easy and the extra visibility means no stray socks get left behind!


This is where the UltraMix system comes in. It mixes your detergent with water so it is fully dissolved before it reaches your fabrics, resulting in less colour fading and no detergent residue, even in cold water.
The wool cycle has the Woolmark Blue certification so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your favourite hand wash only woollens can be washed safely, with no felting or shrinking.


This is where the Vapour function comes in, it refreshes your clothes with nothing but vapour, no detergent required, which means it’s not only gentle and reduces wrinkles, it also eradicates up to 99% of allergens and germs. That means our clothes don’t just look clean, they really are clean.


Yes you do need the SensorWash technology. It minimises water & energy use and saves precious time, the smart sensors automatically detect the soil and detergent levels to adjust the washing times for optimal, energy efficient results that reduces unnecessary wear on fabrics. It helps keep your whites whiter and your blacks blacker.


Troy ticked all the boxes for me, but there’s one more thing that made me take the plunge with him, he’s exceptionally good looking! The classic white with dark blue trim, I can’t think of any other washing machine that I’d rather have in my home.


My laundry has always been a little ‘vanilla’. It’s never been a space that I’ve found any inspiration, or had any desire to decorate, until now. The blue and white colour of the machine tempted me to clean out the crap, hang some curtains and make it a place where I WANT to be rather than a place where I HAVE to be.
Who knew Troy would inspire a pretty laundry, look after our clothes, save us money and generally make my life easier …


You can find your own boyfriend or girlfriend at Betta Home Living.
Also, for those of you who like to have the matching set, Elecrolux have a dryer (link to dryer here) with the same beautiful blue trim and I’m sure they look amazing side by side, or stacked vertically.

I got mine at Betta Home Living who were an absolute joy to deal with.
Shop online here or find your closest store here.

Happy shopping!


A day in the life of my floors …

The dog goes out for her morning potty stop and brings back some dirt and random leaves.
Hubby goes to work after putting on his work boots and leaves a pile of dry mud at the front door.
The kids have breakfast and drop a teaspoon of Milo, 53 rice bubbles and so many crumbs from their toast I’m surprised there is any bread left.

Mum vacuums.

The kids arrive home from school and Orly brings in half of the sandpit.
The girls toss their school bags down the hallway, random pencil shavings and mandarin peel from their lunch comes flying out.
Orly and I bake cupcakes, I let him sprinkle the 100’s and 1000’s by himself … they go EVERYWHERE!
The girls help with dinner and the floor collects bits of onion skin and vegetable peel.

Mum vacuums.

Dad gets home and empties his keys from his pockets, along with some bits of fluff.
We sit at the table for dinner and the kids sneak the dog food under the table.
The kids do their homework and leave behind scraps of paper, bits of eraser and unidentifiable schmuck from their pencil cases.

Mum vacuums … AGAIN!

I don’t love vacuuming, I mean really … who does? But my new vacuum from Godfreys has made it so much quicker and easier, it’s almost enjoyable.

I grab my lightweight Hoover Zoom and get the job done in half the time I used to. It is cordless which means I don’t have to find a power point to plug it in, and it’s also an upright with a large 7.5L dust bag so there are no annoying hoses to trip over and fight with.


It runs for up to 52 minutes depending on your run mode, there is a low power mode and a boost mode for those extra messy situations, which means I can get the whole house done without having to recharge it. Charging is super simple with a removable battery that pops into a compact charger. I keep mine in the kitchen so it’s always on hand for a quick clean-up.


A vacuum cleaner is a household necessity, but if I have to have one … I’m not going to lie, looks matter! Have a look at her, isn’t she fabulous with her blue and grey exterior and zipped dust bag cover? But don’t let her retro appearance fool you, she is jam packed with the latest features and is a powerful cleaner on both hard floors and carpet. I think the coolest feature is the LED light on the power head so you can see under furniture and in dark corners, total genius!


The best part is the extra time I have for more important things, like flower arranging and Instagram scrolling. If you want to gain some precious minutes back in your day, do yourself a favour and invest in a lightweight, cordless and good-looking vacuum, I highly recommend the Hoover Zoom Cordless 7110.
You might even be able to entice the kids into vacuuming for you!

Happy Shopping!

Hayley x

  • This is a sponsored post by Godfreys. All opinions are my own.