Christmas at the Little house.

Firstly, yes thats my surname – Little.
I’m not referring to my house as little, because even though it’s smaller than our last house, it’s still too big, I know … because I’m the one who has to clean it, urgh!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that we are mid renovation and currently the entire upstairs of our house is out of bounds so we can paint everything, and I mean EVERYTHING and re-finish the timber floorboards. What this means logistically, is that every item we own is currently downstair or shoved in the upstairs bathrooms and balconies, you might have seen us camping out on our mattresses downstairs on the floor. Let me tell you, It is not an ideal living situation and I certainly wasn’t excited at the thought of Christmas decorating.

My tree is HUGE and takes at least an hour to put it up, and then it always looks like it’s on a lean no matter how much I try to make it straight. Next for the lights, I swear I wrap them up carefully each year but when I pull them out the next year they are in a pile of tangled mess, so I spend an hour untangling them (and swearing under my breath) to then spend another hour getting them on the tree. All that before I have even started decorating. I truly didn’t know if I had it in me this year, but I have 3 excited kids so I knew I had to make an effort …

Until Balsam Hill kindly offered to send me one of their amazing trees this year, and they said it would be pre-lit. Did you just say PRE-LIT? I couldn’t have said YES fast enough. It arrived in a couple of days, you might have seen the excitement from my youngest Orlando on my Instagram, he could barely contain himself!

We had the entire tree unpacked, assembled and the lights twinkling in less that half an hour. It was so easy and Orlando, who is only 6, was excited to help me fold out the branches with the included gloves, he was so impressed with himself. And I am so impressed with this tree, there was no wrangling lights either, the entire tree is pre-lit evenly and beautifully, all you need to do is plug it in.
FYI – My tree is the Monterey Pine 150cm, you can find it here.

Monterey Pine / BALSAM HILL
Monterey Pine / BALSAM HILL

At 150cm, our tree is on the smaller side this year. The advantage of having a smaller tree is that it is much easier to find a spot to put it, it takes less decorations and is faster to decorate. It still looks amazing and gives us all the Christmas feels while I get to keep my sanity.
I did consider putting up a second tree, it seems to be very on trend to have more than one tree these days, but I just can’t face my big tree. Maybe I can talk hubby into another Balsam Hill tree ….

Photo 27-11-17, 12 47 32 pm

What do you think? Isn’t she pretty with all those twinkling lights?

Photo 27-11-17, 12 41 50 pm I didn’t buy any new decorations this year, I would have loved to do a pink theme but to be honest, I think anything would look beautiful with those twinkling lights! I attached a big red satin ribbon bow instead of a star or angel. I thought the pop of colour was a pretty touch and seriously, who doesn’t love a bow!

Photo 27-11-17, 12 42 23 pm I used this Regency Dupioni quilted tree skirt around the base. It’s pretty and classic, and will last me for many years. It’s also from Balsam Hill, you can find it here.

Photo 27-11-17, 12 41 02 pm

I went with traditional red and green wrapping paper. I don’t often use red in my home decor, it feels like Christmas to me, so I probably go overboard with red at this time of the year.


I even pulled my red Kitchenaid out of the cupboard!

Photo 10-11-17, 6 01 57 pm
Santa’s Mailbox and Merry Christmas Cushion | Hamptons Home

It creeps into my living room too!

Another thing that I like to sprinkle around at Christmas time is twinkling lights. They are just so pretty and elevate everything to the next level of beauty.

Photo 27-11-17, 12 50 30 pm I created a fun centrepiece on my dining table with some pretty blue baubles, a big wooden tray and some of these gorgeous LED fairy light ornaments, also from Balsam Hill. I love the way they sparkle at night and give the table an inviting warm glow. You can find them here.

Photo 27-11-17, 12 51 01 pm

They come with individual battery packs and are also on a timer which is great because you don’t have to remember to turn them off.

So, the Little house is ready for Christmas and I’m pretty happy with how easy and stress-free it was this year. I didn’t go overboard, I would love to add some garlands to my staircase and maybe a beautiful collection of snow globes to my sideboard, but they will have to wait until next year.

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Do you go all out? Or are you content with a pretty tree?
I’d love to see your Christmas decor! Please tag me on SM or e-mail me.
Who wants me to share my favourites?

Hayley x

Mmmm… that smells like Christmas!

Do you decorate your home for Christmas ….. put up a tree, hang stockings, put a wreath on your door?
Or course you do!
Do you play Christmas carols, drag out the old favourites and play them on repeat for a solid month?
We do, It’s Bing Crosby’s White Christmas in our house!

You’ve gone this far, why stop now?
Make your house smell like Christmas with a fabulous scent.
It’s only fair that you pack as much Christmas into your house while you can, we only get to celebrate it once a year!

I’ve tested and rounded up my favourite Christmas scents for 2016.

First up, the Côte Noire soy blend candle called Christmas Day.
This is a subtle scent which is light and elegant.
They are presented in a classic glass jar and would be perfect for the Christmas table as the scent is not overpowering.

Côte Noire Christmas Day | Hamptons Home
Côte Noire Christmas Day | Hamptons Home

 If you follow me on Instagram you would know I am a big fan of the Circa Home range. I like a fragrance to fill my home from the minute you walk in the door. Circa Home have brought out 2 fragrances for Christmas this year.
The Grapefruit and Juniper is fresh and summery which is perfect for an Australian Christmas.

Grapefruit and Juniper Wax melts | Circa Home
Grapefruit and Juniper Wax melts | Circa Home

The Red Spiced Pear is a little more traditional and has a fruity tang and exotic spice scent.

Red Spiced Pear | Circa Home
Red Spiced Pear | Circa Home

The Christmas packaging is so pretty you don’t even need to wrap these. They are both available as candles or soy wax melts to use with your electric wax warmer. What? You don’t have a wax warmer yet, you better put one on your Christmas list, they are the best!
I really love both of these scents and can’t pick a favourite.

 Endless Candles has brought out a really fun range of scents that are sure to have you reaching for the eggnog and gingerbread!
The scents are (from left to right) Holidays, Eggnog and Gingerbread.
I have been burning the Gingerbread at home and it smells so delicious, the girls want to bake Gingerbread on the weekend, these candles should come with a warning that they may cause you to crave and indulge in your favourite Christmas sweets.

Christmas section | Endless Candles
Christmas section | Endless Candles

Voluspa have released their holiday collection with a handful of celebratory scents.
I haven’t tried any of them, but I like the sound of this one – VOLUSPA’s Visions of Sugar Plum Candle is filled with notes of tart white plum, dried cherry dusted with powdered sugar, toasted hazelnut and lemon zest.
And have a look at that pink glass canister!

Voluspa Visions of Sugar Plum candle | Saison
Voluspa Visions of Sugar Plum candle | Saison

The gold polka dot packaging of this one had me at hello! I am a sucker for beautiful packaging, but in all honesty Palm Beach Collection do gorgeous candles and I’m sure it smells divine.

LE Christmas 2016 Rosewood and Balsam | Pal Beach Collection
LE Christmas 2016 Rosewood and Balsam | Palm Beach Collection

I hope you found one you love!

What’s your favourite scents of Christmas?

Hayley x

Christmas Wreath Showcase

Well this is a bit fun!

The gorgeous gals at DIY Decorator have gathered a group of bloggers together, and today we are all showing you our wreaths!

Christmas Wreath Showcase Collage

This is mine …

Wreath - Happy as Larry
Wreath – Happy as Larry



And while we’re talking all things Christmas, here’s a peak at some other Christmas decorating in my home this year…




I highly recommend you pop over to these beautiful bloggers and check out theirs today too!

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I’d love to see your wreath! Or your christmas decorating! Tag #mumlittleloveschristmas on Instagram and show me!

Hayley x

Christmas decorating …

I love to decorate for Christmas, throw tinsel around like confetti, add splashes of clashing colours and make my house light up like Las Vegas, OK, so not really like Las Vegas, but a little bit of sparkle and twinkle!

I tell myself that I won’t start decorating until the 1st of December every year, but everything looks so pretty that I can’t help myself and Christmas starts creeping into our home in November.

So for those of you, like me, who need to start planning a little early, I’ve put together some of my favourite decorating ideas and shopping finds now.



Achieve this look with a palette of soft blues, sandy neutrals and lots of starfish!

Coastal Starfish Stocking | Pottery Barn
Coastal Starfish Stocking | Pottery Barn
Felt Wreath | Happy as Larry
Felt Wreath | Happy as Larry



Traditional Christmas colours always look festive, go for red, green a gold and lot’s of it.

Classic Christmas Garland | Flossy Flamingos
Classic Christmas Garland | Flossy Flamingos
Wreath cushion | Alfresco Emporium
Wreath cushion | Alfresco Emporium



You can achieve this elegant look quite simply, but you’ll need to use all your self control, because the palette is quite strict. You’ll need to stick with primarily white and metallics, but boy it’s worth it, this looks amazing!

Handmade ornaments | Springwood Porcelain
Handmade ornaments | Springwood Porcelain
Reindeer standing in white | Alfresco Emporium
Reindeer standing in white | Alfresco Emporium

You didn’t think I was going to forget about the #blueandwhiteforever gals did you?


Stockings | Villa de Luxe Boutique
Stockings | Villa de Luxe Boutique
Hand painted ornaments | Indigo Home
Hand painted ornaments | Indigo Home

What colours are you doing this christmas? I’d love to see, tag #mumlittleloveschristmas on Instagram!

Okey Dokey, I think I’d better get started then! If you need me I’ll be drowning in tinsel and glitter …

Hayley x