Things I love …

This blogger thing is actually so cool!
I get sent some great stuff from so many little brands to review. I only ever share the things I love with y’all. I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t wear or have in my own home.
The fastest way for a blogger to lose their reputation is to be a sell out, endorse something just for the money or promote something they don’t really believe in, so rest assured the brands I share are brands I truly love!

Having said that, sometimes I am extra impressed with something … a product, the quality or the unique talent behind a brand and I feel like I want to share more than I can on Instagram and Facebook.
So, here I am … sharing!

The lovely people from Circa Home sent me an Electric Wax Warmer and some of their beautiful soy melts to try in my home. They are flame free which meant I didn’t have to worry about Orly burning the house down, they give off a pretty warm glow and they provide up to 96 hours of fragrance per tray of soy melts. Seriously guys, I love candles and I always will, but the scent from this is amazing and it radiates through my entire home. The Oceanique scent is my favourite so far.
This is my new go-to gift and I will be buying them for everybody this Christmas.

CIRCA HOME Electric Wax Warmer
CIRCA HOME Electric Wax Warmer

I have been a long time fan of The Source Products, their products are unique, fun and versatile. Their latest collections are absolutely stunning and I can’t get enough of them. The Teal and Blue Vases are just the perfect colours and the Cabbageware bowl is a piece that will sit on my table and never get shoved in the cupboard, it deserves to be on display.

THE SOURCE Teal and Blue Vases
THE SOURCE Teal and Blue Vases
THE SOUREC Cabbage Salad Bowl
THE SOUREC Cabbage Salad Bowl

I met Mari at the local markets a couple of years ago, she is so warm and friendly and I know how much love she pours into each and every piece she creates. She recently made Orly a very special Moringa all of his own, with his name on the back and everything. For those of you who don’t know, a Moringa is a ceramic water jug and cup to be kept on your bedside or desk to keep your water fresh and handy. Her work is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. All 3 of my kids have their own moringas on their bedside tables now, they love them and so do I.

LE Yemanja Ceramic Water Jug by MARI BRAY
LE Yemanja Ceramic Water Jug by MARI BRAY

What do you think?
Do you love them as much as I do?

Christmas is fast approaching, I’m hoping to get organised early this year as we are going to Hawaii in early December for a wedding. I’m on the hunt for lots of Christmas gifts for my loved ones and I want to hear what y’all like receiving? Tell me your favourite gifts you’ve received or given, or show me over on Instagram.

Happy Shopping!

Hayley x

Blogging tips from a novice …

This is a little bit hilarious as I don’t really consider myself a blogger, I mean … I do have a blog, and I do publish posts, and people do read it, but I feel like I’m just a gal sharing her thoughts, ideas and shopping finds with my increasing number of cyber friends. I literally talk to myself as I type (with two fingers) and spill my thoughts onto the computer as if I were sitting with an old friend, chatting over a coffee.

Lately, and in increasing numbers, I have had e-mails and messages asking me for my tips on blogging. I always have a little giggle to myself and reply with as much advice that I can think of. I think back to just over a year ago when I started and remember all the mistakes I made, and trust me there were many.

I was lucky enough to have a real blogger friend who patiently answered my numerous phone calls and messages, and helped me set everything up and taught me the lingo.

Thanks Kirsten!!! You can pop over and check out Kirsten’s lifestyle blog here.

So, I’ve compiled my top 5 blogging tips. Here we go …

1. Understand your audience. 

Who are you talking to? A busy Mum of 5 who is looking for a quick and easy recipe to feed her family? A tween girl looking for make-up contouring tips and techniques so she can take an epic selfie for Instagram? A DIY’er looking for a step by step instruction video on how to make a macrame bedhead?

For this blog I’m talking to you, and if I got it right you are an interior design obsessed home lover, you probably love classic style with a twist, you may have a healthy love of blue and white and hopefully you’re a shopper who likes to support little and local businesses when you can.

My #mumlittleloves hashtag on IG that supports little and local business.
My #mumlittleloves hashtag on IG that supports little and local business.

2. Don’t fake it, be truthful and no copying!

Be authentic, work out what your passionate about, the things that really inspire you, then blog about them. To be honest, whatever you choose to blog about, there are probably already a million other people blogging about the same thing. Spend some time thinking of ways your blog can stand out from the rest.

Don’t lie, trust is slowly earned, but easily lost!

No copy catting! Don’t try to be like somebody else, find out what it is that makes YOU unique and use it. Write about your own life, your own experiences, your own cooking, your own fashion style or your own home.


3. Be Generous, Be Real and make friends.

Share your information, knowledge and advice freely.

Share your life, your experiences and your feelings. Your human, and your audience will appreciate you more if they can relate to you on a human level. Build a relationship and be approachable to your readers.

Share your content with other blogs. Jump at the chance to guest blog or network with other blogs or businesses. It’s a big, fun community, join in!

A collaboration I did with Pottery Barn Kids.
A collaboration I did with Pottery Barn Kids.

4. Appearance is important.

Of course your content is important, but first impressions count. If your reader clicks on your site and it looks dull and boring they probably won’t hang around.

Create a simple, but functional layout.

Fill it with bright, beautiful photos.

Make it appealing at first glance.

MY LOGO | The Pixel Co.

5. Build an e-mail list.

Collect e-mails from day 1. Encourage your readers to join your e-mail list. If you ever want to sell something, or run a promotion, having your readers contact details is a big advantage.


OK, so I know there are so many other elements involved in creating a successful blog. Trust me, I really do! But you’ve got to start somewhere, and I hope my tips will help you get started.

Do you have a blog? Are you thinking of starting one?

I’d love to know!

Hayley x

Ideas to stop you going insane during the school holidays!

I don’t know about you but the school holidays can be a joy or a pleasure for me, all depending on how occupied or bored my kids are. There’s nothing worse than 3 kids following you around the house whinging “I’m bored” on repeat, and don’t even get me started on how diabolical a bored 5 year old boy is with too much energy and a really loud voice, urgh!

This holiday I’m getting prepared with a list of 10 things, I’m going to keep it on the fridge and when they dreaded ‘bored’ word comes out I can tell the kids to pick something from the list and we’ll do it.

1. Bake a cake.
Make sure you have all the ingredients handy, including lot’s of sprinkles and sweets to decorate it with.
PS. Nobody’s judging you if you use a packet cake, especially not me!
I made this one for Orly’s birthday, easy peasy – Packet fudge brownie, topped with melted mars bars and toasted marshmallow, then sprinkled with M&M’s. It might not look very pretty, but it was a winner and the kid devoured it in minutes.
Just be weary of the sugar high afterwards!

2. See a show.
Obviously you might need to pre book this one, but nothing beats a live show. Check your local newspapers or websites for what’s playing near you.

For those of you in Brisbane or surrounding areas like me, the Brisbane Festival runs every September and has so many fabulous events and shows to experience.
Our family went and saw TROPPO recently. It is an acrobatic show set on a deserted island, it was funny and incredible. Orly laughed at the silly skits and the girls marvelled at the daring acrobatics.

3. Go for a walk and pick some flowers.
Perfect for girls who love pretty things, you might need to tell the boys to collect some bugs instead!
I think I’ll send my girls to my friend Mel’s house, she lives around the corner from me, and this is her magnificent garden!
Find her on Instagram here.13658375_1078900388863079_1083741960_n

4. Earn some money!
My girls always have a list longer than my arm of the latest make-up, shoes and clothes that they want. Obviously I can’t buy them everything so I encourage them to do chores around the house to earn their own money. They can spend their money on whatever they like and it also teaches them the value of a dollar. I include chores like washing the car, bathing the dog or weeding the garden.

5. Hit your local shopping centre for kids events.
Most shopping centres run fun family events during the school holidays. They might have crafts, small shows, character appearances or playgrounds.
Again, check your local paper or website for details.

For those of you in the Brisbane area, we have taken the kids to the Logan Hyperdome events in the last couple of holidays. They have had great themes including Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka. The latest installation is a huge Peter Pan pirate ship. Orly will love this one and we are looking forward to going.

6. Get Crafty
Set your dining table up as a craft table for the day. Supply paper, glue, glitter, stickers, pom poms and anything else you can get your hands on from your local dollar store. Pop onto Pinterest and search ‘kids crafts’, you will be amazed at how many great ideas there are. You are sure to find something your kids will enjoy.
This is great for the younger ones, it lets their imagination run wild, but it will also turn your house into a glitter covered disaster zone, you’ve been warned!
7. Go park hopping.
This is one of my sister’s ideas that she does with her boys when they have too much energy. They spend a few hours driving around to all the local parks, jump out and play for 20 minutes then move on to the next one. She swears nothing burns off energy faster. I love this idea!

8. Have a pool party.
This is more for the bigger kids and has the same effect as park hopping for teenagers, it burns off that bored, nagging energy. Invite some of their friends over, 2-3 is enough, or more if you’re brave, throw in every pool toys you own and lock all the doors to keep them outside for at least 2 hours! (Yes, I’m joking … maybe, or am I?)

9. Have a Pyjama party!
Stay in your pyjamas, eat popcorn, watch movies and read books all day. We have at least one pyjama day every school holidays, and to be quite honest I think this is my favourite thing to do.

10. If all else fails, go out for ice-cream!
Ice-cream or frozen yogurt is always a crowd pleaser and if my kids have been well behaved I am happy to to take them for a treat during the holidays.

Have you got some great boredom buster ideas?
I’d love you to share them with me, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Hayley x



I recently heard somebody say that they couldn’t have coastal style in their home because they didn’t live by the ocean. I pondered this for quite some time, why … why if you love the ocean can’t you surround yourself with its treasures in your home? I don’t know what the fancy interior designers would say, but I say – go for it!
We live in Australia, we are surrounded by ocean, so adorn your home in shells and coral, splash the colours of the ocean on your walls and check out these gorgeous cushions …


I have been dying to share these with you, it has killed me to keep them under wraps while we waited for all the stock to arrive!
I have a few in my own home and every single person who steps foot in my house has loved them, I even had one friend trying to smuggle some out in her handbag! You know who you are!

Introducing Seacova and the lovely face behind the brand, Clare.


Seacova Coastal Interiors is the result of Clare’s love for the Australian coastline and the charm of American seaside cottages. It is a luxurious brand celebrating coastal living with a stunning range of cushions and furniture. These pieces are perfect for Australian living, with their coastal motifs and stunning colours straight from the depths of the ocean.

I absolutely fell in love with this range as soon as I saw it and knew it would be perfect for my new day bed. When it arrived I was even more excited, these cushions are even prettier in person. They are embroidered on 100% cotton, and piped in coordinating fabrics.

The Cape Cod collection in duck egg blue and sky blue is timeless, sophisticated and beautiful. Perfect for those of you who prefer a more gentle colour palette.

Cape Cod Collection.
Cape Cod Collection.

The Florida Keys collection is all about palm trees, sail boats and sea creatures in a crisp navy and white. It is classic coastal style and really makes a statement.

Florida Keys Collection.
Florida Keys Collection.

Also, don’t miss the outdoor collection of a faux bamboo sofa and chairs, they are powder coated aluminium and ideal for an Australian summer outdoors.

Alboo Bella seating.

 I was lucky enough to steal 1/2 an hour of Clare’s busy day to dig a little deeper and learn some more about Seacova …

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I strapped my travelling boots on after college to explore Asia and Europe. My sister and I finished up living in London where we bunked on the floor of my aunt’s trendy Islington apartment for two whole years! I am grateful for the travel experience as it was character-building and opened up my mind up diversity.

Since then I have always lived close to the Australian seaside where I met my husband twelve years ago after re-locating to Brisbane. In the Spring of 2011 we were married on a tropical island in Fiji and now have two young children. Life is busy to say the least – our 7-month old girl and 3-year old boy certainly keep us on our toes!

 Is your background in something creative or is this a new venture for you?

 In 2010 I completed a degree in marketing at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. From there I worked as a production manager in a graphic design studio followed by a management position at a boutique advertising agency in West End. Because we were part of a small team I was able to participate in developing strategies and brainstorming sessions with the qualified creative team members. I absolutely loved working with my colleagues: creative people are a hoot to be around.

 I was always passionate about interior decorating on the home front, and it was the coastal style that initially grabbed my attention. On weekends I spent hours looking through coffee-table books, shuffling various items around the house and scouting stores for new accessories. Eventually, my hubby actually banned me from buying any more shells or coral!

 As my passion for interiors continued to grow, I decided to take the leap and merge my work with that passion. Seacova became my creative outlet whereby I could develop coastal style interiors from the designing to the sourcing, managing suppliers, building websites and accounting. I could not have become a one-girl show without my previous job experiences and background.

It is clear the inspiration for your beautiful coastal-style cushion range comes from the ocean and seaside, was there something in particular that prompted the designs?  Do you design them all yourself?

I have been infatuated with American seaside cottages for as long as I can remember: front porches, white picket fences, french doors and light, bright rooms filled with shaker cabinetry…they stop my heart.

 My inspiration for the collection came largely from these coastal dwellings. I tried to picture complementary interiors that would create a soothing, relaxing space whilst using a colour palette inspired by the clear blue waters of the Australian coastline. In addition, some of the designs were derived from old ancient engravings I came across in my readings. The designs were created using Illustrator software, and then digitized for embroidery.

Embroidery detail of the Palm Tree cushion.
Embroidery detail of the Palm Tree cushion.

 The colour palette for your 2016/17 range is fresh and relaxed with soft blues, navy and white, then you have an unexpected pop of coral pink, where did this come from? 

 When it comes to colour, I am blue and white all the way, so naturally that dominated the collection. But there is definitely something to be said for a pop of colour. The seaside is largely blue and white on the surface, but underneath the water is a vibrant community of brightly coloured fish, plants and coral. The coral pink represents a hint of this vibrant underwater life. I was not sure about it in the beginning, now it is one of my favourites!

Pink Herringbone cushion.
Pink Herringbone cushion.

 Your collections are named after the famous seaside destinations of Cape Cod and Florida Keys. Have you been there or are they on the travel bucket list?

 I daydream about being there quite often, but have not travelled there as yet; it is definitely on the bucket list. When the children are a little older our plan is to hire an RV and drive all the way up the coast from Florida Keys to the Hamptons, Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Tell us about your own home and decor style? 

 My husband and I recently designed and built the family home. Yes, you guessed, the design was influenced by American architecture but also the attractive ‘Queenslander’. It is a hybrid of all the features we adore: a weatherboard construction with a front porch, exposed eves, french windows and shaker cabinetry. I would describe the style as classic coastal. As we had a limited budget, a lot of thought went into the design and how we could maximise our investment. Luckily, we had a fantastic builder who appreciated the character-build and was on-board with our vision. We are still finishing off a few elements. My husband, who loves to strap on the tool belt on weekends, has built a shed to match the house and is currently working on the white picket fence!

Clare's House!
Clare’s House!

 What does the future hold for Seacova?

 I hope to expand Seacova by developing more design elements and bringing more collections to the market. The internet certainly helps small businesses achieve that these days. I have also been working on some custom statement pieces. Here’s a sneak peek at the Hampton’s wing-back chair and matching ottoman that has just been introduced to the market.

Hamptons chair and ottoman.
Hamptons wingback chair and ottoman.


I know you’re all itching to grab your credit card and start shopping, but before you go I just want to show you how gorgeous the cushions look in my home. Sometimes you see these beautifully styled images and wonder what they actually look like, just hanging out, like cushions do, in an everyday persons home.
They are so good!


Aren’t they gorgeous!

Happy Shopping! #sorry #notsorry

Hayley x