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The story of my barstools continues, and this is the best part yet!
Remember I picked up 4 barstools for a song on Gumtree a few weeks ago? They were from the Henriksdal range at IKEA and even though they were a little bit shabby, the frame and seating was still in perfect condition.

I bought some new covers from IKEA but they were plain white and not exactly the best idea when you have 3 kids and a a dog! They were dirty after just a few days. I decided to try a DIY and dyed the covers green, they didn’t turn out exactly as I had imagined and after a few days I was questioning why on earth I did it.


You see, I’m a blue and white girl through and through and I really love pattern, I wanted the look of expensive custom made barstools with beautiful upholstery, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I also needed something that was easy to care for, last week alone Orly spilt maple syrup, milo, milk and some sort of orange sticky goo on the barstools.

That’s when I discovered Bemz.
Bemz makes customised covers for IKEA furniture as well as cushions, curtains and bedroom textiles. There are over 250+ fabrics to choose from and they are machine washable. You can create a whole collection of customised pieces in any room of your house for a fraction of what it would cost you through an interior decorator. Bemz gives you the opportunity to refresh and restyle your IKEA furniture without breaking the bank.

I popped on their website, chose the Henriksdal barstools and started scrolling through all the beautiful fabric choices. I must admit the blue and white gingham caught my eye immediately, but I wanted to be sure so I ordered a few free samples to check in my own space. They came quickly and I contemplated my selection for a few days before going with my original choice of the gingham, which you can find here.


The covers arrived in a couple of weeks and I am absolutely thrilled. They are beautiful quality, they fit like a glove and they look amazing. Finally, I have the custom look I was craving, without the big price tag.


What do you think? Don’t they look amazing, the colour is perfect and they bring so much personality to my kitchen.


Do you have some IKEA furniture that is looking shabby and could do with a facelift? Or maybe you are looking for a particular colour sofa and IKEA have the right shape but wrong colour? Or if your on a really tight budget you can do what I did and hunt down the perfect pieces on your local online market place like Gumtree, make sure the frame and cushions are in good condition, the buy new covers.

I feel like this is a game changer in the world of home decorating, it’s gives us all an opportunity to customise our furniture, get the look we want and do it all with ease online.

 Pop over to Bemz for some inspiration and ideas, and see how easy it is to get the look you want!

Happy shopping!

Hayley x

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Wall Style – Affordable Art

Born out of a desire to find affordable art for her clients, Interior Designer Lauren started Wall Style.
Fast forward to now and I am on the hunt for affordable art for my own home, when I found Wall Style I knew it was too good to keep to myself, so I thought I’d better share it with my home obsessed tribe – YOU!

So, let’s go meet Lauren and find out what makes her tick …

What age did you start taking an interest in art and interiors?
I grew up with an Architect as a father, so I have been interested in design / art / interiors for as long as I remember. When I left school I completed my Bachelor of Built Environment Majoring in Interior Design at QUT in Brisbane. I have worked in the interiors industry for around 15 years. I now live on the Gold Coast with my husband , twin 7 year old daughters and our beautiful labradoodle dog. I work out of a small studio in Currumbin.


Why did you start Wall Style?
For a few years my family and I lived in a small mining town in Rural Queensland. Seeing as there wasn’t a huge market for high end residential interior design out there, I started a small E-Design business to keep myself busy. It was during this time when I was trying to source art for my clients (that they could shop for and purchase themselves), that I realised there was a gap in the retail market for timeless, quality art prints with customisable framing options. Interior Designers have access to a lot of trade only businesses, but the general retail market don’t. Hence where Wall Style was born. I have designed the prints in various sizes, so customers have the option of buying the print to fit in a pre bought frame – such as Ikea or Country Road, or they have the option to purchase it already framed.

My whole business ethos is to produce a quality product and service rather than focusing on quantity. In saying that, I love to work with clients custom orders, sizes or different framing specifications. I recently had a customer ask if I could design her a green budgie instead of blue one.. I loved that she asked and was more than happy to help. The fact that end result was gorgeous helped also!


How do you decide what pieces to add to your growing collection?
I really try not to focus on trends, which is why you don’t see Typography and Scandinavian style prints on the Wall Style website. We live in throw away society, which I detest. People buy too many items, that aren’t quality, that do not last. My aim is to produce timeless, exclusive designs, that will last the text of time in both style and quality. All of our prints are archival quality, printed on PHahnemuhle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 188gsm. They will last for over 50 years.

How does it make you feel when you see your prints hanging in someone’s home on social media, etc?
Amazing! I LOVE it when people tag me in their shots and share the love. Your home should be a space that you love and want to spend time in. You should be able yo relax, thrive and be happy there. It should be an extension of who you are and how you aspire to live. For me being able to add a beautiful piece of art to a space so personal, that people love, makes me so happy. I love creating beautiful things and beautiful spaces – and beautiful art makes such a difference to a space!

Do you have a favourite piece? Tell us about it?
Oooh that’s a tough one, as my favourite piece depends on which house it is on. If I had to choose it would probably be the Blue Budgies. I have these framed above my dining table and they look stunning.


Where would you like to see Wall Style in five years from now?
I have a lot of plans for Wall Style, which I won’t mention right at this moment. But I definitely do plan on growing the collection quite dramatically and introducing some feature exclusive ranges. More on that to come!

I ordered 2 pieces from the Wall Style range to add some much-needed colour to our TV room. I chose the two blue birds from the Legend Bird Collection. I had them framed by Wall Style in a dark wenge timber frame and they look incredible. I think they are timeless and beautiful. If you want to see them in my home pop over to Instagram where I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures of these beauties!

The print quality and beautifully executed framing really impressed me and now I have my eye on these 2 piece for my entry hallway, what do you think?


 The prints are cleverly made to fit IKEA or Country Road frames to make it even more affordable. Or if you would prefer to receive your art framed you can choose your frame preference and Wall Style will have it professionally framed and shipped straight to you.

If you want to have a look at all the gorgeous artwork available from Wall Style you can shop here.
If you want to follow Wall Style on Instagram, you can find them @wallstyle_studio

Happy Shopping!

Hayley x

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Our IKEA hack TV cabinet.

So, we had this space in our new TV room, it looked like something was meant to go there, but was never installed. It was 260cm long and finding a ready made piece of furniture to my liking and within my budget was proving to be impossible. So, I hit Pinterest for ideas and found a few pictures where people had used the Ikea kitchen wall cabinets as side boards and similar, like this –

Source : Made by Girl

As much as I love this, I wanted it to go to the ground. I can just imagine 700 pieces of lego, 457 matchbox cars and a dust ball the size of China gravitating to the area under there, nope, not exaggerating at all! So, I decided to use the Ikea kitchen base cabinets. I kept it fairly simple with 4 doors, no drawers, no fuss.

Here’s exactly what I bought –

4 x METOD base cabinet with shelves / white / Sävedal white / 60x60x80 / $110 each


2 x Sävedal white drawer fronts / 80×10 / $10 each


4 x packs METOD legs / $5 pack


And now your wondering why I bought 2 drawer fronts aren’t you? We were just lucky that the drawer front fitted as a filler each side, there was no need to buy a bigger piece and cut it to size, when we could buy a couple of drawers for $10 a piece which worked perfectly! So, we started with 260cm, we used 4 x 60cm base cabinets equalling 240cm, with a 20cm gap left, 10cm each side – perfect for the drawer front panel!

Next for the stone top, I had a look at the Ikea range, and while there is a great selection, they didn’t have exactly what I had in mind. I went to my local stone mason and had a look at their offcuts, yes there is offcuts this big! I fell in love with a piece of quartz and held my breath while they worked out a price for me, and was pleasantly surprised it was within my budget! I chose White Fantasy Quartzite in a 30mm thickness and I am thrilled with it!

Project Stone Australia
Project Stone Australia

We won’t be finishing the kick/plinth until we re-do the floors. We are planning on ripping up the tiles and laying timber or travertine, so it’ll have to wait till then.

All up in came in at under $1200 and I’m pretty happy with the way it looks. Here’s the progress pics…..




And the finishing touches, the stone top and knobs. This is as far as it will go until the floors get done, I’m pretty happy with it.




What do y’all think?

Hayley x

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