Jugs, vases and vessels.

We all know flowers make me happy and I often have a house full of them, which means I do have quite a collection of jugs, vases and other vessels. I often get asked about them and thought I’d share where most of my favourites are from, and tell you which ones I’m lusting after currently.

The Love Star hearts are the vases that I get asked about most often. I have 3 of them, and another one on my wish list. Below is the Sacré-Coeur sparkle heart vase, I have this one and it demands lots of attention with its sparkly glitter, It is available to pre-order now at $185 here, be quick, they sell out fast!  The pretty yellow one is part of the new Candy Hearts range, available in 5 colours, it is $79 and currently on my wish list.

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This richly embossed vase from Milly and Eugene comes in a beautiful range of colours. The vase itself is quite beautiful and I think it would look equally as pretty with a little bunch of greenery as it does here with the colourful blooms.


This one from Keren Browns The Brown Trading Co. often gets a lot of enquiries, and although Keren is no longer making these I found one quite similar from Royal Hamam. I love the blue and white pattern, and it’s a great shape.

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If you want to add a pop of colour in your home, I adore this range of fun vases from Arro Home. They look fabulous with or without flowers! Or you could try these coloured twine wrapped bottles from Colour and Twine, they are so fun and look great when grouped together like this!

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This little tortoise shell glass vase is a favourite of mine and hasn’t left the coffee table for about a year now, which means I must really love it, because everything gets rotated around here often. It is from Luca and Eve, but currently out of stock. Never fear, I found another one which is absolutely stunning, it is from Dinosaur Designs and is made from resin, a great option if you have small children.

10932352_1009492972398548_168815095_n   dinosaur_designs_homewares_lava_vase_4_december_2012_012__07053.1405384143.1000.1000

If your a little more playful with your decor and would appreciate something fun and quirky then this may just tick all the boxes. This little owl figural vase is from Anthropologie, he’s on sale now, be quick! I bought this little bunny there a few years ago and she gets lots of compliments.

33692369_017_b   10520186_1442904432642294_1964579384_n

I often use jugs and pitchers as vases. I must admit, I have quite a large selection of jugs in various shapes, sizes and colours. I have picked them up all over the place, from boutique shops, markets and big stores. Her’s a one of my favourites. This one is currently available from Mozi. I am in love with the beautiful shade of green, and it looks great paired back with my blue and white.

green_jug450  10598323_809909142413274_2034491873_n

Pewter and silver always look so classy with a lovely bunch of blooms or greenery. I particularly love silver with a big bunch of pink peonies. You could pop some flowers in pretty much any silver or pewter vessel you have at home and it will look great, try milk jugs, mint julep cups, or even a champagne bucket! I found this lovely silver jug from Royal Hamam and this mint julep votive from Luca and Eve.

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I hope you found something you like! What do you use as a vase? I’d love to know!

Hayley x


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