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What do you wear to bed? An old t-shirt? A granny nighty? Flanelette PJ’s? I don’t know about you but my sleeping attire left a lot to be desired, often sleeping in one of hubby’s t-shirts. That was until the beautiful girls at Jasmine and Will sent me one of their ‘Boyfriend Sleepshirts’.

Women wearing men’s button down shirts has been a iconic image used in photo shoots and movies throughout history.  It has translated through the years from Audrey Hepburn to Angelina Jolie. A men’s shirt is arguably the sexiest thing a women can wear.

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Jasmine and Will’s range of ‘boyfriend shirts’ are stylish, sexy and comfortable. Crafted from the softest cotton, the man style shirt has a little shape to keep it looking feminine, but still has enough room to move and be super comfortable.

I decided to chat to the girls from Jasmine and Will, and see how it all started. Here’s my interview with Jasmine (pictured below) –


Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m based in Dubai but am frequently in Australia for Jasmine and Will commitments. I run two offices, one here and one in Brisbane. I’ve spent the last 10 years in Finance but am stepping back to pursue Jasmine and Will full time. Yes that means I now get to wear pyjamas all day! I’m single but look forward to starting a family one day!

What made you want to start a sleepwear business?

In 2009 my Aunty Kaye Williams (“Will”) and I discussed the lack of stylish sleepwear available in Australia. We pretty much started as a kitchen table project and for the past 6 years have balanced our careers with Jasmine and Will on the side. Over that time we grew our stockist base and garnered a loyal following – when stores and customers kept asking for more I decided it was time to make Jasmine and Will my new career path. As I like to say, established in 2009 but hit the ground running in 2015!

Your range of sleepwear has been described as sexy and sophisticated. What do you think makes it sexy, yet sophisticated?

We don’t do overtly sexy or kitsch pieces – for us sophistication is sexy. Our hero piece, the “boyfriend” shirt is a perfect example of this – a modern classic.

Did you have any formal design experience before starting Jasmine and Will?

No formal training but I’ve definitely had to educate myself over the past 6 years, you can’t be afraid to ask questions, take risks and make mistakes along the way. I like a good challenge and Jasmine and Will has been incredibly rewarding.

What was the first design you launched and is it still available today?

The boyfriend shirt! Its stood the test of time.

What inspires you?

In business – entrepreneurial women (and my dad). In design – mostly my travel.

How do you feel when you see customers proudly wearing and showing off their Jasmine and Will sleepwear on social media?

Humbled. And then I text my mum and sisters!

What’s your proudest achievement?

That despite the hurdles and challenging retail environment in Australia, we are still here with a good product, happy customers and unrelenting enthusiasm. Six years after we started there’s still a massive gap in the Australian market and I’m excited about what’s to come.

What’s on the horizon for Jasmine and Will?

Right now its all about expanding our stockist footprint in Australia and bringing our customers an online platform that they love. Beyond that, a childrens line and expansion overseas are top of my list!

Jasmine and Will’s new range will hit our stores in May, but I have a sneak peak here on Mum Little Loves now!

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I love every piece. They have chosen a classic palette of navy, blue, pink and white.  The prints are timeless, but also current, especially the gingham which is having a major moment right now. The styles are stunning with something to suit everyone.  Look out for them at your favourite boutiques and lifestyle stores over the next few months.

The monogrammed boyfriend sleep shirts are available now.


Jasmine and Will have a special offer for Mum Little Loves readers. You can get your own monogrammed boyfriend sleep shirt for $129 now, that includes custom monogramming and delivery, thats $10 off! Just let them know you found Jasmine and Will here on Mum Little Loves. 

Find Jasmine and Will here, or on Facebook here, and Instagram here. Or contact Jasmine via e-mail at jasmine@jasmineandwill.com

* This is a sponsored post.

Hayley x


  1. Catherine Lynn says

    Lovely Hayley! I am a fan of nice sleepwear and have been for some time. I find that with only boys in the household proper pyjamas and not nighties unless they are long are more appropriate being the only girl in the house. loving these designs! Have a wonderful Friday! Cathyx

    • says

      I agree Catherine, nothing slinky or sheer, lol! These boyfriend sleep shirts are an appropriate length while still being very cute! I am a sucker for anything with a monogram. Hx

      • Catherine Lynn says

        Ah I wondered about the length so thanks Hayley for clearing that one up. Yes I too love a monogram. I must look into some monogrammed pillow cases!

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