Decorating with Books.

After such a positive response to my last post about beautiful books I quickly established that many of you love books also. So what do you do with your books? Do you plonk them on the coffee table, maybe throw them up on a bookshelf, or do you use them around your home to decorate with?

Books are fantastic for adding splashes of colour, for adding height to vignettes and for defining areas within a bookshelf or display space. Lets have a look at how to use books in your home.

Colour blocking your bookshelves is so much fun and very effective, you don’t need to have a full bookcase of books, just enough to define similar colours in each ‘block’. I love this look!

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If you don’t have a huge bookshelf like these, your coffee table ‘needs’ book, it’s practically naked without them. They’re not called ‘coffee table books’ for nothing.

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Most people have books on or in their bedside tables, don’t hide them away, use them to add height to a posey of flowers, or for a touch of colour.

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If you don’t like the covers of your books, cover them! Brown paper looks effective, or for a little vignette you could use some wrapping paper, left over wallpaper, fabric or music sheet paper.

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Here is how I decorate with books in my home. I often coordinate my book spines with flowers, candles or other items to give the colour pop greater impact.

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I’ve chosen to restrict my bookcase to a colour palette of blue, white and neutrals. I have only used books that fit this palette. The books adds height, colour and interest to the overall scheme. I also use books to balance out smaller items to give them more impact.

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Hayley x

*All images, unless stated, are from Pinterest, pop over to my Pinterest and have a look at my ‘Books’ board for further details.





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