My week of presents 2017.

Having a birthday on Christmas Eve, a wedding anniversary on 2nd January and Christmas in the middle means that I get an overload of gifts all in one week.
Before you get jealous, remember … I don’t get anything all year and then it’s all bundled together in a short period, and speaking about bundles, hubby is often guilty of ‘bundling’ all the occasions into one present, but I won’t complain when the gifts are luxurious handbags!

Here’s my favourite things I received this year from my friends and family who know me well …

Spode Liverpool jug | Peters of Kensigton
Spode Liverpool jug | Peter’s of Kensington

I have been slowly collecting Spode for a few years now, I hope to have a full set one day. My family have bought me so many beautiful pieces and they added this beauty to my collection last year. I love it!

Purse spray | Chanel
Purse spray | Chanel

I received a few perfumes this year, including Elie Saab La Parfum, which I adore, and some Chanel No 5.
Perfume is always a lovely gift, but what I love about the Chanel perfumes is the purse spray packs which come with 3 x 20ml bottles and the refillable purse pack. They are so convenient for travelling or to keep in your handbag.

Rose Signature Earrings | PANDORA
Rose Signature Earrings | PANDORA

These cute earrings were from my parents-in-law. I have a similar yellow gold pair from Tiffany that I were often and they thought I would like these in the rose colour for something different. They were right!
I am actually really lazy with earrings and often leave the same ones in for days, I like small ones that I can sleep in and are crafted from metals that won’t aggravate my ears.

French House Chic | Thames & Hudson
French House Chic | Thames & Hudson
Art of the Bar Cart | Chronicle
Art of the Bar Cart | Chronicle

Books are one of my favourite things, but nobody buys them for me because I have a few and nobody can keep track of my collection, so I buy them for myself!
This year I bought myself these two, I haven’t had time to sit down and read either of them yet, that’ll have to wait till school goes back. I did have a quick flick of both and the pictures and styling look inspiring, I can’t wait!
Oh, and small details ….. I don’t actually have a bar cart (on the wish list).

Aura Manuka Honey Mask | ANTIPODES

I received a few items from the Antipodes range including the Grace cleanser, Reincarnation exfoliator and Aura Manuka Honey mask. They are truly beautiful to use, soft and gentle, perfect for sensitive skin. The mask was so soothing after a little bit of summer sunburn over Christmas.
I also appreciate the simple and stylish packaging in my bathroom.

Gold Polka Dot Apron | ANTHROLPOLOGIE
Gold Polka Dot Apron | ANTHROPOLOGIE

I swear my husband has the biggest grin on his face when he comes home and sees me in an apron. I’m not sure if its because he knows there is food coming of he just loves a gal in an apron.
Anyway, my girlfriend brought me back the sweetest apron and matching oven mitts from Anthropologie. It is totally adorable with gold polka dots and navy trim.

Blue & White spoon rest | William Sonoma
Blue & White spoon rest | William Sonoma

One of the handiest gifts ever!
My gorgeous friend brought me back a box of goodies from her vacation to America. It was full of the cutest things that she’d picked up on her travels, including a beautiful blue and white spoon rest. How did I ever cook without one? It saves so much mess and looks super cute too!
I couldn’t find the exact one she got, but I found this one that is similar.

Threads of Cosmos RNK | Camilla
Threads of Cosmos RNK | Camilla

I love Camilla kaftans, they are so beautiful and easy to wear. I dress them up with heels and statement earrings, or I dress them down tucked into jeans with flats. They are also fabulous for travelling as they pack into a teeny tiny space.
This is the newest one to my collection, I wasn’t sure about all the shades of purple at first, but as the Pantone colour of 2018 is Ultra Violet I’ve decided to embrace it.

Silver Droplets bracelets with charms | Coastalstyle Australia
Silver Droplets bracelets with charms | Coastalstyle Australia

I have worn this silver droplet bracelet nearly everyday for over a year, it still looks brand new and it’s very comfortable to  wear, the clasp design allows you to add charms easily and swap them out as often as you like.
It is also available in gold (on the wish list).
Coastalstyle Australia make handmade jewellery inspired by their coastal finds of shells and coral. They are truly unique pieces. My friend Pippa gave me a gorgeous fine silver charm with my initials stamped on the back to add to my bracelet, you all know how much I love anything personalised and this is no exception. I love it!

I also got the most amazing candle from my sister. It was made by a friend of hers and it has a collection of crystals buried in the wax for you to enjoy after the candle has burned. It has everything from rose quartz to amethyst. It really is beautiful.
Unfortunately she doesn’t have an online store, but you can find her on Instagram @live_in_your_light_

 I feel truly blessed to have such beautiful things and to receive so many thoughtful and luxurious gifts.
These are just a few of my favourites.
Show me yours, I’d love to see!

Happy Shopping!

Hayley x

Decorating with Books.

After such a positive response to my last post about beautiful books I quickly established that many of you love books also. So what do you do with your books? Do you plonk them on the coffee table, maybe throw them up on a bookshelf, or do you use them around your home to decorate with?

Books are fantastic for adding splashes of colour, for adding height to vignettes and for defining areas within a bookshelf or display space. Lets have a look at how to use books in your home.

Colour blocking your bookshelves is so much fun and very effective, you don’t need to have a full bookcase of books, just enough to define similar colours in each ‘block’. I love this look!

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If you don’t have a huge bookshelf like these, your coffee table ‘needs’ book, it’s practically naked without them. They’re not called ‘coffee table books’ for nothing.

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Most people have books on or in their bedside tables, don’t hide them away, use them to add height to a posey of flowers, or for a touch of colour.

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If you don’t like the covers of your books, cover them! Brown paper looks effective, or for a little vignette you could use some wrapping paper, left over wallpaper, fabric or music sheet paper.

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Here is how I decorate with books in my home. I often coordinate my book spines with flowers, candles or other items to give the colour pop greater impact.

10899532_781486148631579_1007950199_n  10843756_400930026739556_183080969_n

I’ve chosen to restrict my bookcase to a colour palette of blue, white and neutrals. I have only used books that fit this palette. The books adds height, colour and interest to the overall scheme. I also use books to balance out smaller items to give them more impact.

10895436_765724330171626_1423900549_n   10932249_1510689319213388_1381916125_n


Hayley x

*All images, unless stated, are from Pinterest, pop over to my Pinterest and have a look at my ‘Books’ board for further details.




Styling with Books.

Do you judge a book by it’s cover? I totally do, I mean, if I’m looking at a design book and they can’t get the front cover right, then what hope does the rest of the book have, honestly? I’m a sucker for a fabulous front cover and I don’t mind admitting it. I use books for decoration and styling in my own home, so often the cover or the spine is the first thing I’m interested in. Sometimes though, I do get sucked in by an inviting front cover only to find the book is not so fabulous inside.  I want to share with you some of my favourite books, the ones with the beautiful front covers and equally as gorgeous content.

ADORE is the first book launched by the very popular online magazine – Adore Magazine, The dust jacket is crisp white and glossy gold with a hot pink spine, and if you undress her she is a vibrant hot pink fabric.  ADORE is full of bright, happy homes and is sure to inspire you to add a splash of colour into your own home.

ISLAND STYLE by India Hicks. If you love the british colonial style, with a little bit of bohemian thrown in, you will adore this book. I have a book of the same title by India Hicks printed in 2004. This new book is due for release in March. I’m sure it will share many of the same relaxed living spaces and pictures from the original book, but I’m hoping there will be lots of new images to drool over, because the cover is enough to make me buy this book again.

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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL THINGS by Anna Spiro is one of the most inspiring books I’ve picked up in a long time. Yes, I bought it because the cover is a magnificent work of art, painted by Anna’s sister-in-law Pip Spiro (formerly Boydell). But once I started reading this book, my entire views on decorating changed. The book is full of mis-matched, imperfect, real homes that are inviting, warm and soulful. It gave me the courage to follow my heart, and not worry about things matching or being on trend.

PLACE TO GO PEOPLE TO SEE by Kate Spade has a visually stunning cover. This is more of a picture book, full of beautiful images, it is perfect for a coffee table book, and great for styling with that pop of kelly green.

Book_cover_from_Penguin_site_large   978141971_974These next two book are a couple of my favourites that I refer back to often.

LIVING ON THE COAST by Barclay Butera is a charming book of coastal cottages, beach houses and more luxurious homes decorated with bold colours, pattern-on-pattern and lots’ of blue and white. And Hello, That cover is stunning, when can I move in?

Nathan Turner’s AMERICAN STYLE is Californian chic, he shares his ideas for relaxed and stylish living spaces that won’t cost you the earth.


I don’t have these book, but I see them popping up in images everywhere, They are on my wish list. Does anybody have them?


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These are also on my expanding and never ending wish list, just because they have fabulous covers …. Allegra Hicks, AN EYE FOR DESIGN, PALM BEACH ENTERTAINING by Annie Falk and LIFE’S A BEACH by Martin Parr.

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Hayley x