Blogging tips from a novice …

This is a little bit hilarious as I don’t really consider myself a blogger, I mean … I do have a blog, and I do publish posts, and people do read it, but I feel like I’m just a gal sharing her thoughts, ideas and shopping finds with my increasing number of cyber friends. I literally talk to myself as I type (with two fingers) and spill my thoughts onto the computer as if I were sitting with an old friend, chatting over a coffee.

Lately, and in increasing numbers, I have had e-mails and messages asking me for my tips on blogging. I always have a little giggle to myself and reply with as much advice that I can think of. I think back to just over a year ago when I started and remember all the mistakes I made, and trust me there were many.

I was lucky enough to have a real blogger friend who patiently answered my numerous phone calls and messages, and helped me set everything up and taught me the lingo.

Thanks Kirsten!!! You can pop over and check out Kirsten’s lifestyle blog here.

So, I’ve compiled my top 5 blogging tips. Here we go …

1. Understand your audience. 

Who are you talking to? A busy Mum of 5 who is looking for a quick and easy recipe to feed her family? A tween girl looking for make-up contouring tips and techniques so she can take an epic selfie for Instagram? A DIY’er looking for a step by step instruction video on how to make a macrame bedhead?

For this blog I’m talking to you, and if I got it right you are an interior design obsessed home lover, you probably love classic style with a twist, you may have a healthy love of blue and white and hopefully you’re a shopper who likes to support little and local businesses when you can.

My #mumlittleloves hashtag on IG that supports little and local business.
My #mumlittleloves hashtag on IG that supports little and local business.

2. Don’t fake it, be truthful and no copying!

Be authentic, work out what your passionate about, the things that really inspire you, then blog about them. To be honest, whatever you choose to blog about, there are probably already a million other people blogging about the same thing. Spend some time thinking of ways your blog can stand out from the rest.

Don’t lie, trust is slowly earned, but easily lost!

No copy catting! Don’t try to be like somebody else, find out what it is that makes YOU unique and use it. Write about your own life, your own experiences, your own cooking, your own fashion style or your own home.


3. Be Generous, Be Real and make friends.

Share your information, knowledge and advice freely.

Share your life, your experiences and your feelings. Your human, and your audience will appreciate you more if they can relate to you on a human level. Build a relationship and be approachable to your readers.

Share your content with other blogs. Jump at the chance to guest blog or network with other blogs or businesses. It’s a big, fun community, join in!

A collaboration I did with Pottery Barn Kids.
A collaboration I did with Pottery Barn Kids.

4. Appearance is important.

Of course your content is important, but first impressions count. If your reader clicks on your site and it looks dull and boring they probably won’t hang around.

Create a simple, but functional layout.

Fill it with bright, beautiful photos.

Make it appealing at first glance.

MY LOGO | The Pixel Co.

5. Build an e-mail list.

Collect e-mails from day 1. Encourage your readers to join your e-mail list. If you ever want to sell something, or run a promotion, having your readers contact details is a big advantage.


OK, so I know there are so many other elements involved in creating a successful blog. Trust me, I really do! But you’ve got to start somewhere, and I hope my tips will help you get started.

Do you have a blog? Are you thinking of starting one?

I’d love to know!

Hayley x

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